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Photoshop Tips and Tricks



What is it about two identical things?  People ooh and ahh over twins.  When we are doing the photo shoot, passers-by can’t help by coo and smile.  I love being able to capture all the similarities and then the individual personalities of twins too!

IMG_7107 IMG_7127 IMG_7159


Last Chance for Holiday Mini-Sessions

I’m adding 3 more options for mini-sessions.  If you got busy, here’s your chance to get photos in time for your holiday card and gifts!

As always, the session fee is $100 and there is flat fee of $425 for all of your digital images re-touched and ready to print!

December 6- Long Beach park location 2:30, 2:50, 3:10 and 3:30pm


December 7- HB Central Park 3:00, 3:20, 3:40 and 4:00pm


December 7- Long Beach studio session 10:40, 11:00, 11:20 and 11:40am




Happy Families are the Best! // Orange County Family Photographer

I’m nearing the end of photo shoots for 2013.  I still pinch myself that I get to do this job.  I put a post on instagram that I have clients as friends and friends as clients.  I guess that’s what happens after almost 6 years in the area!  I and truly love each of you.  I see family after family that love each other AND has style to boot!  Life is good, friends!

orange county family photographer


Halloween at Rascals to Rebels

Don’t forget to go to the new location of Rascals to Rebels (10680 Los Alamitos Blvd) for Halloween photos this year!  It’ll be Saturday Oct 26 and it’s a drop by event.  So, just bring your kids in their costumes between 3 and 5pm.  It’s just $20 for 3 digital photos (emailed 2 days after the event).  Looking forward to it!



Tips for Beach Photography

Doing photo shoots at the beach is tricky business (which is why one might need a few tips for beach photography).  To be honest, when a client books, I tell them unless you LOVE the beach, don’t do your photo session there.  It’s sandy and windy and not a static location.  Meaning, if you like perfect hair, it won’t happen here.  BUT, if your kids love the sand and the water and you feel at home hearing the crashing waves, this is your place.

So, how does a photographer make the beach work for them instead of struggling against it?  Well, this list is by no means exhaustive, just a few helpful things I’ve learned in the five years that I’ve lived next to the beach and done countless photo sessions there.

1.  Find a beach that has more than sand and water.  If it’s possible, look for a pier and maybe even some grassy areas or a cove.  One of my favorite beaches has an old wood pier and I never get tired of its rustic beauty.  PLUS shooting under the pier is the best light you’ll find.

tips for beach photography

2.  Bring some shells.  I wish I could say that you can actually find shells on Southern California beaches, but I think you’re more likely to find a candy bar wrapper.  I bring a bag full of shells and hide them before the family arrives.  It helps create those natural moments where kids are just exploring.

tips for beach photography

tips for beach photography

3.  Use the horizon.  The beach is about more than just the water.  When the sky is impossibly blue, incorporate it!  For these photos, I found a little dune and laid down on the ground so when I’m shooting up it makes the jumps look even higher.

tips for beach photography

tips for beach photography

4.  Timing is everything.  Not only the time of the photo session (I like 9am and about 2 hours before sunset), but the time you let the kids near the water.  Don’t let an outfit be ruined by a rogue wave.  I’ve made that mistake before and if they don’t have a back-up outfit, the session is over.  No one likes to be sandy and wet for long.  So, at the end of the session, we make our way down to the water and play in the waves.  If someone gets wet, it’s okay!

tips for beach photography

5.  Close-ups are important!  I think every mom wants to see a close-up of their child’s face and for these shots, I find indirect light.  Sometimes it’s under the pier or for these ones I used a close-by grassy area.  While sun flare is awesome in wide angle shots, for close-ups I want to see the color of their eyes and every detail on their face.  So, I make sure to get at least one close-up out of the direct sun.

tips for beach photography

tips for beach photography

Another great idea is to shoot at the bay instead of the beach.  In Long Beach we have so many and I love the lack of wind and waves for little ones.  It’s such a serene location.  Click here to see more photos session and the bay in Long Beach.


Underwater Photo Session Update

For those of you that are interested…I ended up moving the date from August 1 to August 24th.  I have a few spots left, so if you’re still interested, send me an email!  It’s a great deal with a session fee of $150 and the CD of all the images (minimum of 30) for $350.




How to Get Eyes that Pop in a Photo //Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Today, I wanted to share a photoshop tip with you that I learned years ago.  People sometimes comment about the way the eyes pop in my photos.  So, I’d like to share how to get eyes that ‘pop in a photo.’  But, first, I want to start off by saying a few things…

A.  I’m not a photoshop guru.  My philosophy in editing is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  I am self-taught, so just because I do it this way, doesn’t mean it’s the RIGHT way.

B.  There’s no substitute for good light.  You want to light your subject’s face with clean indirect light.  If it looks great to start, it’ll look amazing with a few tweaks.  But, you never want to try to ‘fix’ a photo.


Here’s the secret…the dodge tool.  The tool can be found in your tool palette and it looks like a lollipop!  At the top of your toolbar, select the midtones in the range option and set the opacity to 30%.  I dodge once or twice right in the middle of the eye.  Don’t over-do it, you can get an ‘alien look’ very quickly.  Play around with the settings for different eye colors.


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