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I’m Kristin Eldridge, a portrait photographer in Long Beach, CA. On the site you’ll find details, pricing, my portfolio and the contact buttons on the left. If you’re interested in booking a session, call or email and we can discuss dates and locations.

I have a studio located in Long Beach, but I also travel for portrait sessions (newborn, baby, children and family) to Orange County and Los Angeles.

Besides being a wife, mom and a photographer, I love to cook and craft. So, if you’re interested, (beyond scrolling through photo sessions), you can check out my favorite cookie recipe or how to sew yourself a kimono!


Orange County Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Orange County Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I loved my time with Baby Charlotte and her mom and dad a few weeks ago.  There was lots of snuggling and just enjoying this sweet little girl.  She was easy as can be and slept through her whole session.  She even gifted us with a few sleepy smiles!

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Creamy Strawberry Cupcakes

Last week I whipped up a dessert inspired by all the fresh strawberries you see in the store right now.  I love seasonal recipes!  We tested the recipe out on a night when I was hosting friends for dinner.  Let’s just say all the cupcakes were gone by the end of the night!

The frosting is light and creamy, but won’t keep overnight.  So, I only frosted about half the cupcakes.  Some people were eating the cupcakes without frosting and the verdict was they were just as good without the frosting!

The full recipe is over on Modern Parents Messy Kids.  Go check it out!

spring dessert creamy strawberry cupcakes


Baby Photographer Long Beach

I got to celebrate baby A’s arrival with her family at their home.  At home sessions have more of a lifestyle feel than studio sessions.  Clients will ask me about which is better.  I advise them to think about the pros and cons of each.

A studio session has more controlled lighting and access to all my newborn blankets and props.  But, keeping toddlers occupied in a small studio for an extended amount of time is difficult.  Not to mention having to pack everything up and drive when you’ve just had a baby.

An at home session can be a little trickier with light.  Sometimes certain areas of the house can be dark and won’t work for photos.  But, if you’re willing to be flexible, you definitely feel most relaxed in your own home.

I photographed this family in their bedroom because we got good light and there was enough space for me to set up my bean bag for the baby.  They even had a nice neutral wall to use for photos of mom and dad with baby.


Palos Verdes Family Photographer

I met this sweet family at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes when they were visiting from out of state. They love staying at this resort…who wouldn’t!  It’s so beautiful!  And they had maternity photos taken several years earlier at this exact location.

So, we update the family photos now that the little babe in the tummy is now THREE!  It was quite a cold and windy day, but the perfect place to walk the grounds.  We tucked into all their favorite little nooks and of course spent some time down by the ocean.

The last little series of mom and daughter were taken on the bluff where she had taken maternity photos.  Such a sweet way to document time.

Palos Verdes Family Photographer Palos Verdes Family Photographer Palos Verdes Family Photographer

More family photos from Kristin Eldridge, Palos Verdes Family Photographer.


Baby Photographer Orange County

I absolutely loved spending the morning with these three girls and their parents.  We basically had a pink explosion in the studio.  All the soft baby pink was perfect for brand new Baby AJ.  Her sisters told me all about their favorite princesses.  It won’t be long before AJ will have her favorite princess too!

What a beautiful family!

Baby Photographer Orange County Orange County Baby Photographer Orange County Baby Photographer


Spring Mini-Sessions 2018 Orange County / Los Angeles

Spring Mini-Sessions 2018 Orange County / Los Angeles

Celebrate Spring with a mini-session for your kids or the whole family!

The mini-sessions will be on April 6 in Newport Beach.  The session fee is $100 and the digital image fee is an additional $300 for kids OR an additional $350 for the whole family.

Click the link below to sign up and reserve your session.  Directions will be emailed once you book your session.

April 6 4:30pm BOOKED

April 6 5:00pm

April 6 5:30pm

April 6 6:00pm

Spring Mini-Sessions 2018 Orange County / Los Angeles




Present Over Perfect

My best photo sessions happen when I can focus on present over perfect Photographing kids can sometimes be like herding cats, so it’s better to go with the flow than against it.  If everyone is looking and smiling at the camera, GREAT.  If everyone is happy, but not looking at the camera, AT LEAST NO ONE’S CRYING.

But seriously, when we can relax into the rhythm of what a family is (ie: not perfect) things will be better than perfect.  I love working with this family because they appreciate the in-between moments.

It’s hard in the middle of a stressful situation (like a photo session!) but try to remember to stay calm.  Attitudes are contagious and when parents set the tone, the kids will follow.  I love to see families laughing, joking and just having all kinds of fun.  Even if they’re not looking at the camera, it’s perfect.

family photographer orange county family photographer orange county

family photographer orange county, Kristin Eldridge


Children’s Commercial Photography

Children’s Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is so different from portraiture.  But, because I’m good at working with kids (hello four years as a first grade teacher) they tend to run into the same vein.

Some of the differences I notice is that portrait work tends to focus on the connection between two people.  Sometimes it’s a mother and newborn, other times it’s a brother and sister.  The connection trumps everything else in the photo.

With commercial work, you want to convey a feeling.  But you’re also focused on showing the clothing.  Each photo should show movement in a way that makes the clothes appealing.

When I’m working outside for a commercial job, I can use natural or elements of architecture to add movement to the photo.  When I’m in the studio on a white backdrop, I have to rely on the child.  I’ll give direction and have them do a movement several times over to make sure I’m getting the expressions AND the flow of clothing I’m looking for.

*Images for Little Skye Kids

Children's Commercial Photography Children's Commercial Photography


4 Tips for a Great Maternity Session

4 Tips for a Great Maternity Session

When you invest into a maternity session, you’re documenting all the feelings and emotions while being pregnant.  You want to remember the glow and how empowered you felt being able to grow a human.

I highly recommend putting all your efforts into planning your photo session to make sure you walk away feeling like a supermodel.  I’ve put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your maternity session.

  1.  Start by putting together a pinterest board of inspiration.  Are you inspired by at-home raw images or do you want to be in a field at sunset with a wreath of flowers?
  2.  Choose your clothing wisely.  Maxi dresses are best in my opinion.  They create a very flattery line for the belly.  You can find amazing deals on amazon if you don’t want to splurge on a dress you may not wear again.
  3.  Accessorize.  Even if it’s something simple like a statement ring, add a little something to add interest to your photos.
  4.  Hire a photographer you connect with.  It can be intimidating to be the only one in front of the camera.  A good photographer will give you direction and interact with you to bring out your inner supermodel!


How Does a Newborn Session Flow

How Does a Newborn Session Flow

Anyone that’s new to newborn photography can tell you it’s harder than it looks.  Babies sleep a lot, so it’s assumed that taking photos of them would be easy.  All you have to do is search #pinterestfail on the subject to see how things can go wrong.  Undressing a baby is a room that’s anything less than VERY WARM is the first thing that can make them mad.  Not being held by an adult is a close second.  Start moving them around and you’re asking for it!

So, how does a newborn session flow?  How do we get the baby to cooperate and make it all happen in 90 minutes or less.

7 Tips for a Great Newborn Session

  1.  Warm the room.  I can’t stress how important this is.  In your clothing, you should be sweating a little.  Remember the baby won’t be dressed (or minimally dressed) so make sure they are comfortable.
  2.  Use white noise.  Even small things like talking or the sound of the shutter can stir them.  So, make sure you have a good white noise machine.
  3.  I start with the baby wrapped.  I instruct parents to dress the baby in front snap or zip outfit that’s easy to remove.  As I’m removing clothing, I’m wrapping them, so they’re never left with arms and legs moving around.
  4. Once I have the baby securely wrapped and soothed, I’ll take photos shooting straight down.  I might move the wrap slightly to create different looks or add a hat.  This is the point where I’ll shoot details of the hands, ears and hair.
  5.  If parents want any basket props, I transfer the baby in the wrap to the basket and take close up and pulled out shots there.
  6. When I move the baby back to the bean bag, I’ll place them on their tummy start slowing removing the blanket and diaper.  I’ll photograph the curled up on the tummy poses and do some slight variations in poses, plus adding hats/wraps.
  7. Lastly, I put the diaper back on, add a wrap and do some additional photos looking down.  The baby might be awake by this time.  Since the baby is wrapped, I also use the blanket to wrap around the feet and do those close-ups.

How Does a Newborn Session Flow How Does a Newborn Session Flow orange county newborn photographer

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