I can tell brand new parents by the way they handle a newborn.  And it makes sense!  Brand new babies have no neck strength.  So, holding them or handing them off to someone else can feel like handling a piece of fragile glass.

Here’s the quick tip I tell parents that will have you confidently holding your baby or passing them to your spouse:

Create a U-shape with your thumb and pointer finger.  Use that to grab under the back side of their head.

This cradles the babies head and gives you complete control.  You can use your other hand to hold the baby’s bottom.  Once you’ve got control, you can maneuver the baby into a cradle position, put them over your shoulder or hand them to someone else.

The next thing you know, you’re a parenting-pro!

How to Pick Up a Newborn How to Pick Up a Newborn How to Pick Up a Newborn

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