There’s a plethora of articles telling brides how to choose a photographer.  But, how does a client in the market for a great family photo pick their photographer?

The market is pretty saturated, so you’ll have your choice as a client.  Bargain shoppers will have students or Craigslist newbies.  Clients with a big budget might go with the studio that’s in the fancy part of town.

I’m going to speak to the middle of the road client.  I’ve got tips for finding a photographer if you’re someone that has saved or budgeted for this.  You would say that photography is important to you and you’re willing to spend on a photographer that will deliver to your needs.

4 Tips for How to Choose a Photographer

  1. My first tip is to stop thinking about money.  You might find someone that is a hundred dollars cheaper than someone else, but you’ll spend that money on a dinner out the next week.  Try not to let the dollar sign sway your opinion if it’s relatively within your budget.
  2. Read the photographer’s About Me page.  Some photographers have photos of themselves.  Most have a few sentences about who they are.  You want to like the person that’s taking your photo, so make sure you aren’t turned off by what they have to say about themselves.
  3. Look at the photographer’s website.  Pay attention to their blog and also their portfolio. I love when a client comes to me and says, you tell us what to do.  That tells me they’ve seen my work and they like it.  If a client comes to me with examples of other photographer’s photos and want me to copy the exact likeness, it makes me wonder why they chose me.  Photographers are creating artwork based on their observations of you as a family.  A good photographer will be paying attention to the details and highlight those for you.  They won’t try to fit you into a cookie-cutter mold that they saw on Pinterest.
  4. Ask your friends.  Sometimes a photographer’s website can look perfectly great online, but once you start working with them, you realize things you couldn’t see on a website.  Friends can tell you if they received their photos in a timely manner or if the photographer made them feel welcome.

How to Choose a Photographer when you're in the market for a great family photo How to Choose a Photographer in Orange County, California