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Adored Times Four- Baby Photography Orange County

This sweet baby girl joins a family who loved her before she was even here on this earth.  Her older siblings anticipated her arrival and now that she’s finally here everyone wants to hold her.  It’s gotta be great to be the center of so much love.

She will have connections with each of her older sisters and her older brother in a unique way.  One might want to rough and tumble with her and another might teach her to read before she starts kindergarten.  I love seeing big families.  They dynamic is so loving.  That lucky baby will be adored times her parents.

Her newborn session went so smoothly as her older siblings doted over her and kissed her little head.  She woke for a bit and then went right back to sleep for her photos alone.  What a perfect baby model!

Baby Photography Orange County Baby Photography Orange County Baby Photography Orange County Baby Photography Orange County Baby Photography Orange County Baby Photography Orange County

**Baby Photography Orange County


Orange County Newborn Photography

As much as I love photographing babies in my Long Beach studio, going to a client’s home is also wonderful.  People are generally more comfortable in their own home and they get to put in little touches of their style into the photos.  Not to mention the totally cozy feel the photos have.  So, if you’re on the fence about where to do your photo session, consider doing it at your home.  These photos show just how beautiful an at-home session can be.









orange county newborn photographer

Orange County Newborn Photography


Newborn Photographers Orange County // Planning Out a Shot

newborn photographers orange county When photographing newborns with their older siblings, sometimes you have to try a few different things before you hit on what will work.  In this session, I had tried a few different positions and wasn’t getting anything fantastic.  It’s hard with a 2 year old.  Their life has just been turned upside-down.  Then I come in and I’m asking them to do things that aren’t their favorite.  They’d rather be off and running around!

So, we took a break and I just photographed the baby by herself.  I came up with a game plan that involved the baby being stationary on this chair (with a parent off to one side as a spotter).  Then, we would bring in big brother and see if he could interact with her a bit.

Here’s what it looked like first.  I asked him where the flower was…


Found the flower, check.  Next we started being silly and saying funny things.  He eventually looked up and smiled at us.  Ka-ching.


Then, I asked him to give her a kiss.  Or if he could kiss the flower on her head.  This whole progression of images lasted about 30 seconds.  It involved lots of enthusiasm and silly voices.  The moral of the story is that these types of images don’t just happen.  They are planned out and they happen QUICK.  Two year olds move fast!


Newborn Photographers Orange County // Planning Out a Shot


Orange County Newborn Photographer // Tips for Photographing Toddlers and Baby

Photographing older toddler siblings and their new baby sister or brother can be a little tricky.  I always try to get them close on the bed or sofa.  If that doesn’t work, I use this stump (or any chair/bench) to get the baby all nice and comfy (and still!).  Then I add in the toddler.  We play games and point out the baby’s feature.  Sometimes a kiss will happen.  But, it allows the toddler to move around and not be required to hold or even touch the baby.  It still creates a feeling of intimacy even though there may be no physical touch.

Of course adding parents in always helps, but if you’re trying to get those adorable sibling shots, this is a little trick I use!

orange countynewborn photographer

orange countynewbornphotographer



Photos by Orange County Newborn Photographer, Kristin Eldridge.


Baby Boys + Big Brothers // Newborn Photography Orange County

Baby boys and big brothers.  It’s not always easy, but getting them in the same frame is worth the sweat.  And if you’ve done a newborn session or you’re a photographer you know what I’m talking about!

Love this sweet little family of four-








Newborn photos taken at my Long Beach photography studio.