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Perfect Lighting // Orange County Maternity Photographer

There’s this perfect in-between lighting that happens at the beach.  It’s not quite overcast and it’s not quite sunny.  That’s my favorite type of lighting.  There’s no shadows and you still get some vibrant colors.  I wish every day could be this perfect in-between!

Photos by Orange County Maternity Photographer, Kristin Eldridge.

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Oahu [Beach Photography]

All this warm weather has me excited about an upcoming trip to Oahu!  I’ll be staying on the North Shore March 18-23.  There really isn’t a more beautiful place to do beach photos, so if you happen to be lucky enough to be reading this from your home in Oahu or if you know someone who’d be interested shoot me an email.

I’ll be spending many hours watching Brent surf, so I thought it might be fun to break it up with a photo session!  There will be special pricing, so email me for details.

Also, for all of you who asked about the photo tips I mentioned, those will be showing up next week on a friends blog.  You’ll get to meet her tomorrow!



Fresh Foods Cafe [Long Beach Photographer]

I finally made it to the Fresh Foods Cafe to enjoy a lunch on the water and see my wall art!  Way back in October, I photographed different fruits and vegetables for the restaurant.  The grand opening was last week and I had a job, so I wasn’t able to go.  Brent told me all about it, so I was so excited when Cindy invited me to go to lunch today.

I highly recommend the chopped salad!  There’s a huge selection of fresh vegetables and once you choose your favorites, they chop the whole thing and add your choice of dressing.  I had cilantro vinagrette and it was delicious!

The restaurant also roasts its own coffee beans, so I had to try a coffee while I was there.  Ben suggested the latte with chocolate syrup and it was soooo good!  I’m thinking about going back this afternoon for another. 🙂

Oh and the flatware is so cool!  I loved my demitasse spoon.  Cindy and I kept joking about sneaking a few pieces out the door every time we go.

Speaking of…Ben took this picture of us when he was checking in on our table.

Cindy got the tea and we were in love with her little steeping pot.  Not sure what its real name is, but it makes having tea that much more enjoyable.

My friends and family only slightly roll their eyes when I take pictures of my food and people pouring tea and things like that.  What can I say, I have to take a picture so I can share it with my invisible internet friends!



More Fabulous [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

If you recall back to January 1, one of my goals for 2009 was to be overall more fabulous.  Not me personally, just my business. 🙂  So, yesterday and today I did a major overhaul on the content of my website.  The blog is fairly easy for me to update and add new things, but the website is like its forgotten orphan.  I rarely think about it, which is wrong!  Google Analytics tells me that most of you are coming through my site to the blog.

Anyway, go check out the site…lots of new content, some of which has never even seen the blog!  I did keep some of my favorites from years past, but most of the content is new.

This is one of the new rotating pictures on the front page.  I don’t think I ever blogged it.  It was from one of my last photo sessions up in the bay area.  I love the casual feel and the connection between the brothers.  Since summer is around the corner, I wanted the front page to have a very light, airy and *warm* feel.

Another change is the categories in my portfolio.  In the past, it was divided into stages of life.  I decided to instead divide the portfolio into location styles.  All walks of life can have their photo session in a rural area, urban downtown, at home or at the beach.  I want to use the site as inspiration for clients in deciding the background for their images.  They can easily click a location choice and see how they will fit into that environment.

Not to worry, I have an arsenal of locations for each of the categories.  There will be no cookie-cutter photo sessions at the same place.  If I ever do a repeat location, my goal is always to keep the same feel while making it look like a totally different place than the time before.

Coming soon…I want to keep it fresh by doing an experimental photo session every month.  I’ll need local volunteers, so stay tuned for more details on that.

For now, bed is calling my name after a long day’s work.



Quite Proud [Personal Musings]

Since we’ve moved into this home, I’ve been able to enjoy how handy Brent is!  He’s made grass grow were there was none and his latest project is this fire pit.

He and his dad made it from scratch- constructing the frame, pouring the cement, cutting and laying bricks, piping the gas and doing the masonry.  Like I said, I’m quite proud!

A few weeks ago during the inaugural marshmellow roasting night I took some pictures of all Brent’s hard work!

Growing up in Montana, I’ve made my fair share of smores.  I have a theory about how they should be made…even though I get mocked by certain family members. 🙂

Notice the chocolate melting technique…

I think Cooper approves of the technique!



Special Delivery [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

I spent yesterday evening putting together parcels for all my lovely clients from the Valentine Mini-Sessions.  Everything turned out amazing and needed an extra-special touch in the packaging.

It’s so fun to see all these parcels together!

I put together a few limited edition albums and they are such a great way to incorporate all your photos.  The leather cover has an amazing texture and the pages are hinged UV-coated.  Each photo has a black proofing border, so no turning from side to side- vertical and horizontal images face the same way!

If you are interested in this album, it will be available until the end of February for Valentine participants only.

I hope everyone is enjoying their goodies!  Stayed tuned for future collaborations with Rascals to Rebels.  And in the meantime, drop by their store…the spring collections are soooo cute!



I could be a pioneer woman [Long Beach Children’s Photography]

I decided today that I would make a good pioneer woman.  From the time I get up to the time I go to bed I am non-stop.  I can manage to pack a trip to the gym, a trip to the fabric store, a client meeting, ballet, a mini photo session, lunch with a friend, a planning meeting, a trip to the grocery store, homework, a trip to the library, making dinner and cleaning the floors into one day.  For, um, example.  Here’s the catch…when the sun goes down I’m tapped out.  I’m done.  That brings me to my point…pioneer women grinded it out until sun down then with no electricity it was bedtime at 6:30.  That’s the life.  Instead, I watch tv, piddle around, hang out with Brent, etc. etc. until 11:00pm.  Ugh.

Here’s to an early bedtime tonight!  Pioneer woman style!  Oh and I must share from my mini-session today…

I’ll share more tomorrow…for now it’s bedtime.  Well maybe a little Grey’s, then bedtime. 🙂



Kid in a Candy Store [Laguna Niguel Maternity Photography/Photographer]

I just got home from a maternity shoot and downloaded my cards.  I’m so pumped about all the amazing images!  I won’t spill all the details now, because I’ll be devoting a whole post to Jamie and her family.  But, I simply could not let a minute pass without sharing this with you…

Can I just say that downloading and opening images is like Christmas!!  I know when I have a good shot, but being able to get it in photoshop and play makes me like a kid and a candy store.  Way to work it Jamie and Michael!

Check back tomorrow for the rest of their story-