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Family Photographer Newport Beach

Family Photographer Newport Beach

When clients book me for the first time, they ask…can you really get good photos in 20 minutes?  The short answer: YES.

I love working with little kids because they are so authentic.  They don’t mince words and once they’re on my side, we’re winning.  I can get them to create the images I know their mom and dad will love while they think we’re playing a game.

Kids are good judges of character, so once they size you up, if you pass they’ll work with you!  Those 20 minutes go by fast, so I try to move us through a dance of silliness and then land on a perfect smile, while hugging and looking at the camera.  Family Photographer Newport Beach

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Make it your own // Los Angeles Family Photographer

I’m feeling all the feels for this adorable family in their converse and poppy clothes!  Really, I just love when a location comes together with the people I’m photographing.  This set of urban walls was found in Santa Monica, CA.  A client of mine told me about it and I thought it would be perfect for those that wanted something a little different.

Each family I photographed in this location took a different route.  Some did lots of neutrals, others dressed it up a little.  I love how everyone made this unique space their own.

family in urban setting IMG_6204

IMG_6284 IMG_6245 IMG_6270

Make it your own // Los Angeles Family Photographer, Kristin Eldridge


Los Angeles Family Photographer // Scene Stealers

These brothers were scene stealers.  I came to their house to photograph baby Savannah, but these two gave her a run for her money in the cute department.  My 3 kids are close in age, so when I photograph a family that is similarly spaced, I feel like kindred spirits.  There’s just something about little boys and the way they interact as brothers.  It can be gentle and sweet with hugs and snuggles.  It can also be a little rambunctious.  And the mix of those things it’s what’s so endearing.  Add in a baby sister for them to cuddle and protect and it’s magic.

los angelesfamilyphotographer

// These photos were taken by Kristin Eldridge, a Los Angeles Family Photographer.

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Los Angeles Family Photographer // Hugging it out

Our friend Megan was over and she was asking me if I had any insights to raising kids that get along.  Now, I should preface this story by telling you that my kids are normal and have quarrels like everyone else.  But, for the most part they really do love each other.  We aren’t short on hugs around here and you’re never too old to cuddle on the couch either.

I told Megan that when my kids are at each other and someone has wronged someone else, I make them talk it out, apologize and then hug it out.  I make them hug until someone starts laughing.  And that’s when you know it’s all cool.  You can’t hug someone you hate.  So, just hug it out.

For the record, Megan told me long hugs were awkward.  And yes, long hugs are awkward but so is… ‘she’s breeeathing on me’ or ‘she’s touchhhhing me.’  You know the drill.

los angeles family photographer

// Family photo session by los angeles family photographer, Kristin Eldridge.


Holiday Mini-Sessions for September // Los Angeles and Orange County Photographer

The summer came and went in a flash.  Weren’t we just in a pool eating popsicles?  Oh wait, I guess we’re still doing that.  Southern California doesn’t seem to get the memo that school started today and it’s time to cool the heck down!  Regardless, September is here, which means it’s time to commence the holiday mini-sessions!!

Here’s how it all works…the mini-sessions are 20 minutes long.  They are back to back at the specified location.  Sign-ups are done via email or over the phone.  Payment of the $100 session fee saves your spot.

Last year, I debuted digital collections to save you money on printing as gifts and for Christmas cards.  This year, I wanted a little incentive for you planners, so I have an Early Bird Special.  It’s a total of $475 for your session fee AND the flash drive of all your re-touched high resolution images, which is about 25.  If you sign up right now, you don’t have to commit to this can just pay the $100 session fee and order a la carte (pricing on the left).  But, it’s a great deal and only available for those that sign up for these September dates.

Once you sign up for a photo session, you’ll be emailed the directions and specifics.  Also, I’ll be coming out with more dates and locations in October once these are filled.

southern california holiday mini-sessions

September 14th  Garden Setting in Palos Verdes  9:00am-9:20, 9:20-9:40, 9:40-10:00, 10:00-10:20

holiday mini sessions

September 15th Foliage and Trails in Palos Verdes  5:00-5:20pm, 5:20-5:40, 5:40-6:00, 6:00-6:20 orange county holiday mini sessions

September 24th Lake Setting in Long Beach  5:00-5:20pm, 5:20-5:40, 5:40-6:00, 6:00-6:20



At Home Family Photographer // Los Angeles

She found me through the post on Modern Parents Messy Kids.  The one where I talked about how important it is to get in photos with your kids.  Coming on the heels of attending an unexpected funeral, she immediately called me.

We hit it off right away over the phone and by the time I arrived to her Los Angeles home to start the photo session, we were like old friends.  I wanted to start on their bed…just to let the kids get comfy and realize I was there to have fun.  It was click, click, YES.  This one.  This one is now a huge canvas in their home.  And doesn’t it just capture the life they’re living right at this moment?  LOVE.

los angeles family photographer

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los angeles child photography

at home photographer los angeles

After capturing so many sweet moments with their kids, we moved the party outside for some more formal posed photos and like every good couple should, a photo without the kids.  Remembering where it all started.

family photographer los angeles

los angeles family photography


Free spirited Family// Los Angeles Baby Photographer

This photo session was a long time coming.  And it all started before this baby was even born.  I did a photo session for one of his mama’s co-workers almost 2 years ago.  They work together in Los Angeles and she saw the pictures and thought some day she’d like to have photos like that.  Fast forward to this baby being born and quickly on his way to a year.  His mama found me again through her co-worker and the rest is history!

I love the vibe of this park in the Los Angeles area.  It’s just full of long grass and big trees and winding paths.  Perfect for a little free-spirited family.

los angeles baby photographer

baby photographer los angeles

baby photographer los angeles

baby photographer los angeles

baby photographer los angeles

los angeles baby photographer

los angeles baby photographer

los angeles baby photographer