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Children’s Commercial Photography

Children’s Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is so different from portraiture.  But, because I’m good at working with kids (hello four years as a first grade teacher) they tend to run into the same vein.

Some of the differences I notice is that portrait work tends to focus on the connection between two people.  Sometimes it’s a mother and newborn, other times it’s a brother and sister.  The connection trumps everything else in the photo.

With commercial work, you want to convey a feeling.  But you’re also focused on showing the clothing.  Each photo should show movement in a way that makes the clothes appealing.

When I’m working outside for a commercial job, I can use natural or elements of architecture to add movement to the photo.  When I’m in the studio on a white backdrop, I have to rely on the child.  I’ll give direction and have them do a movement several times over to make sure I’m getting the expressions AND the flow of clothing I’m looking for.

*Images for Little Skye Kids

Children's Commercial Photography Children's Commercial Photography


Long Beach Baby Photographer // One Year Old Photo Session


The one year photo session.  It gets a little tricky because maybe the last time you saw them, they were a chubby little sitting baby.  Maybe they were just trying out their crawling moves.  At one year (or a bit older), they are GO. GO. GO.  And there’s a reason I put those in all caps.  Those new to walking, want to WALK.

So, I enlist the help of mom or dad.  I love this series because his dad was threatening to tickle.  We would time it out so he would run in for the tickle, laughs would ensue and we’d start all over again.  I got real smiles, authentic expressions and he was still, while waiting to be tickled.  Win-Win.




Long Beach Baby Photographer // One Year Old Photo Session


Underwater Photography Sneak Peek

This weekend Kyle and I did the underwater photo sessions and as much as I loved the last time, this year was twice as amazing!  We had so much fun with the kids and I think the parents thoroughly enjoyed watching us!

I’ll do a full blog post later, but for now, here’s a few sneak peeks:

underwater photography children

underwater photography

underwater photography

underwater photography child


Back to School Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels // Long Beach Child Photographer

I’m so excited to be back at Rascals to Rebels for another round of mini-sessions!  This time it’s for back to school and what a better way to document the new school year than with some fresh photos?  I’ll be at the store September 7 (10am-noon) and 8 (noon-2pm).  A $50 purchase at the store gets you a free 15 minute photo session.  And if you can’t make it in to shop, you can buy a gift card over the phone to reserve your spot and shop later.


The backdrop is a classic dark wood backdrop with a few rustic props (if you want to use them).  The store has so many cute options right now for back to school…go check it out!












Rascals to Rebels Summer Mini-Sessions //Child Photographer Orange County

A few weeks ago, I was over at Rascals to Rebels for mini photo sessions at the Rossmoor Store.  I could fill pages of cuties from my time there.  Here’s just a few!  I love working with Rascals to Rebels and this colorful backdrop brought all their colorful outfits to life!

Check out this colorful backdrop I used a few years ago at the store.  Or this post with highlights from years past…so many backdrops I’ve made!






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Being a Fun Parent! //Child Photographer Long Beach

Today I’m over on Modern Parents Messy Kids talking about being a fun parent.  You know the kind that breaks out in song, does a silly dance and is not afraid to embarrass themself.  I have to work hard at being a fun parent.  I’m the one that is thinking about what we’ll have for dinner and how I’m going to fold that mountain of laundry on my bed before it’s actually time to go to bed!  But, it can be done.  I have learned to be sensible and FUN!

While we’re on the subject, how cute is this mama and her little girl.  This is a share from one of my recent Mother’s Day photo sessions in Long Beach.








Moms Getting in the Picture // And What We Were Up to Last Week

Today I’m over on Modern Parents Messy Kids talking about moms getting into the picture.  This definitely isn’t a new topic, but it’s worth re-visiting.  I share a few tips that have helped me get out from behind the camera.  And trust me, as a photographer…that’s where I’m most comfortable!  But, I want to enjoy life with my family and have some photos to prove it!

Here’s the link to the Modern Parents Messy Kids post.  I hope you’ll check it out!

In other news…last week was eventful!!  We have a new family member.  Her name is Pippa.  This was the kids’ reaction when she came.  *camera blurrrrr*


The other night I got home from a photo session and Brent was leaving to hang out with friends.  The kids and I decided to go out for a burger and shakes!  We took a moment for a selfie with the CameraTimer app on my iPhone.


The other day we were at the dentist office and Cooper brought me a magazine and pointed out a recipe he thought we should try.  It’s not often that my 10 year makes recipe suggestions, so we made it last weekend.  It was delicious!  I tweaked the recipe a little and of course photographed it before we devoured it, so I’ll be sharing it soon on the blog.


On Sunday we were at the Galaxy game and they were kind enough to let the kids be in the high-five line before the game!


Brent and I waiting to see them down on the field.  Oh and I really like Brent in his glasses, so I made this my new FB profile pic.


Annnd I worked a lot too.  I’m shooting a catalog for Little Skye right now. (yay!)  My friend Laura took this behind the scenes shot for me.


I hope this week is off to a good start for everyone!  Happy Hump Day!