Kristin Eldridge Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family photography servicing Long Beach, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

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laguna beach family photographer


Family Photographer Newport Beach

Family Photographer Newport Beach

When clients book me for the first time, they ask…can you really get good photos in 20 minutes?  The short answer: YES.

I love working with little kids because they are so authentic.  They don’t mince words and once they’re on my side, we’re winning.  I can get them to create the images I know their mom and dad will love while they think we’re playing a game.

Kids are good judges of character, so once they size you up, if you pass they’ll work with you!  Those 20 minutes go by fast, so I try to move us through a dance of silliness and then land on a perfect smile, while hugging and looking at the camera.  Family Photographer Newport Beach

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Grandparents // Laguna Beach Family Photographer

It’s special when grandparents are able to be at a photo session.  Not only do they get to make lasting memories with their grandkids, but they have been through parenthood.  They’ve seen it all.  So, they add a laid-back vibe that is wonderful when things can stressful trying to get little ones to cooperate.

If the grandparents are going to be in town (or they already live here) consider adding them to your photo session.  It’ll make your life a whole lot easier.  And, you get the added bonus of photographing them with their grand kids.  Hello, perfect present!

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photo session with grandparents and parents
little boy on the beach

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photo session with grandparents
dad snuggling baby girl
little boy and girl on the beach

family photography laguna beach
mom and dad with little boy at the beach


Laguna Beach Mini-Sessions

They’re back!  I’m opening up another round of mini-sessions at a secluded little spot in Laguna.  Last year was so much fun!  There’s so much exploring to do in the beautiful place.

The mini-sessions will be February 17 (President’s Day, so you may have it off work).  I’ll start with morning sessions and if they fill up, I will open up some afternoon sessions as well.  So, email me if you can’t do morning and I will try to do afternoon too.

Cost:  $100 for a 30 minute session (I’m making it longer than my normal 20 minutes because there’s so much to see!)  There will be special rates for digital image packages for the first four clients that book, so you can email about that as well.

Date/Time:  February 17th  9:00, 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30am (but if these fill up, I’ll do an afternoon session too)  And this is plenty of time for just the kids or the whole family.