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family photography at the beach


Family Photography Huntington Beach

Family Photography Huntington Beach

Sometimes we (meaning me, the photographer, and you the client) go into a photo session with an agenda.  There are certain shots we want to get, there’s a certain feel we want to convey in the photos.  We have expectations.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Expectations and ideals help us get where we’re going.  But, sometimes, we let those things get in the way of a really great moment.

As I’m working with you, if I feel like we’re just fighting against the current, I’ll stop.  I’ll tell you it’s not worth it and we should let the moments lead us and not the other way around.  Sure, I’m directing this photo shoot, but there are times where you need to stop and cuddle your toddler.  Or you need to let your little girl stop to pick up shells because that’s what she’s dying to do.  Most times, I’ll be able to come back around to that perfect family photo you were dreaming of.  But, I don’t want you to miss out on those little in between moments.  If it feels too difficult, it probably is.  And we should stick to the fun stuff.


Family Photography Huntington Beach IMG_0797 IMG_0858 IMG_0888 IMG_0899 IMG_0951 IMG_0953

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You and Me by the Sea Mini-Sessions //Long Beach Child Photographer

For the past 4 years, I’ve done mini-sessions by the bay every June.  I look forward to it.  Long Beach’s bay is calm and serene.  In the mornings, it’s like a water color painting.  (Overcast is a good thing!)  I hope you’ll join me this June 8 for a photo session down by the bay in Long Beach.  To switch things up just a little, I’m also offering evening mini-sessions at the Seal Beach Pier the same day.  If you like golden light over pale colors, this is your place!  And the wood pier is a favorite of mine.

Here are the details…30 minute session (I’m adding more time so we can walk around a bit) $100

(check out the website for print and digital prices)

The first four clients to book their session get not one, but TWO free digital images!

June 8 8:30am-10am

June 8 5:00pm-6:30pm

Here are some sample photos from the bay, including the little life guard chair and the old wood boardwalk.  Also, here are some other photos from Long Beach’s bay from last year.






Here are some sample pictures from the Seal Beach Pier…including the rustic wood pier and that lovely golden light over the water!