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Children’s Commercial Photography

Children’s Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is so different from portraiture.  But, because I’m good at working with kids (hello four years as a first grade teacher) they tend to run into the same vein.

Some of the differences I notice is that portrait work tends to focus on the connection between two people.  Sometimes it’s a mother and newborn, other times it’s a brother and sister.  The connection trumps everything else in the photo.

With commercial work, you want to convey a feeling.  But you’re also focused on showing the clothing.  Each photo should show movement in a way that makes the clothes appealing.

When I’m working outside for a commercial job, I can use natural or elements of architecture to add movement to the photo.  When I’m in the studio on a white backdrop, I have to rely on the child.  I’ll give direction and have them do a movement several times over to make sure I’m getting the expressions AND the flow of clothing I’m looking for.

*Images for Little Skye Kids

Children's Commercial Photography Children's Commercial Photography


Rascals to Rebels Summer Mini-Sessions //Child Photographer Orange County

A few weeks ago, I was over at Rascals to Rebels for mini photo sessions at the Rossmoor Store.  I could fill pages of cuties from my time there.  Here’s just a few!  I love working with Rascals to Rebels and this colorful backdrop brought all their colorful outfits to life!

Check out this colorful backdrop I used a few years ago at the store.  Or this post with highlights from years past…so many backdrops I’ve made!






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