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The Best Time to Take Photos at the Beach

The Best Time to Take Photos at the Beach

There’s always the scheduling debate when it comes time to take photos at the beach.  Do you take the photos in the morning or in the evening?  Many people would automatically assume sunset because of the beautiful golden lighting.  I love sunset lighting.  BUT, I think people with kids should always consider doing a morning beach photo session.

The time is conducive to kids’ schedules.  Normally kids are fresher in the morning, so getting great photos will be a little easier.  Chances are (in Southern California) the beach will be overcast in the morning.  I love overcast lighting because it acts as a giant soft box for the sun.

The light is naturally diffused, so the color is very evening.  While sunset lighting has contrast and is very dramatic, I think that best suits an engagement or maternity photo session.

Of course, any time you take photos at the beach, you have a beautiful scene behind you.  But, IF YOU HAVE KIDS, consider the morning at the beach!

The Best Time to Take Photos at the Beach  


Laguna Beach Photographer // The Perfect Everything

I’ve talked before about that perfect in-between lighting.  Not quite overcast, not quite sunny.  This was another strike of luck in the beach photography business.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve been photographing these girls for the last 6 years and their mom happens to have impeccable taste.  I’m always excited to see what they are wearing.  It’s like that friend you have who seems to throw her outfits together, yet when you take a second look you notice all the details where thoroughly planned.

Another thing I love about shooting at the beach (especially with tide pools) is how it gives families something to do.  It’s hard to sit and smile over and over again.  It’s fun to explore the area and discover new things you’ve never seen before.

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To Sum It Up: Part 1 [Honolulu Child Photographer]

So this week’s summary is a bit more exciting than most!  My sweet friend, Berit, and her family live in Honolulu.  So, when we make our trip over to celebrate another year of birthdays, holidays and anniversary, I am lucky enough to have her host me for a photo session extravaganza!  This year, we were at Sandy’s with her and 5 of her friends.  I’m going to have to break it up into two blog posts because there’s just too much to share!  So, here’s part one of my 2012 Hawaii photo sessions!