I was thinking the other day about how important it is to believe in people and invest in them.  Years ago, someone believed in me and bought me a sewing machine.  At the time, I was making little girls dresses out of vintage linens and selling them online.  I was getting by on an old junker of a sewing machine when someone from church told me they loved what I was doing and wanted to gift me a sewing machine that would make my job much easier.

Fast forward a few years and I had saved enough money to quit sewing and buy a professional camera, lenses, a Mac and everything else I needed to start this photography business.  I feel like it was that initial investment that got my foot in the door.  I learned how to run a business through those initial years.

Look around you and encourage those hard-workers in your life.  Whether it’s an uplifting text, watching their kids for the afternoon or spending cash on them…believe in them.  I’m so thankful someone believed in me.

//family photography taken in Balboa Island, Newport Beach