Sooooo…it’s the weekend!  This is the first weekend in a while that I have a Saturday off.  Woo to the hoo!  Brent and I are attending a friend’s wedding, then we’ll hang out with the kids and I might even mop my floors.  The life of a rock star.  🙂

I hope you are ready to enjoy a fun-filled Saturday!  And to kick it off, here are some pictures of 7 month old Carlee, who’s just about edible.

I would love to put a caption to the picture above…something like, ‘are we done YET?  My agent did not agree to these conditions.’  Ahhh, cute little baby smirk.

These pictures were taken in the studio…I keep meaning to share pictures with you.  It’s only been, what A YEAR, since it’s been finished.  I love the natural light and it’s so great to have a large flat screen for my ordering sessions.  I’m searching for the perfect pillow to finish the space, then I’ll share pictures.  Promise.