Can we talk for a moment about clothes?  I know it’s a superficial thing, but what we wear affects our mood.  I’ve been in an outfit that I love and felt like I could conquer the world.  I’ve also worn clothes that I’m constantly tugging at or stuff that just doesn’t feel like me.  And sometimes, I’m just unsure.  I’m wearing an outfit and thinking, is this working?  Is this cute or am I trying too hard?  All it takes is a compliment from a friend or stranger to pull me to the other side.

Cute boots.  Love your top.  Where’d you get those jeans from?

It’s really simple, but a little affirmation goes a long way.  Sometimes when I work with clients, I’m helping them with outfits or something they’re just telling me ahead of time what they’re planning on wearing.  Either way, (because I work with awesome people) I just know they’re going to show up looking great.

I used to just focus on the job ahead.  Taking pictures.  Taking for granted how hard they’d worked on outfitting the family.  But, I’ve changed my tune.  Before we even start, I compliment.  It’s important to verbalize what you’re thinking.  If you can tell someone spent extra time on their hair and make-up, let them know how gorgeous they look.

I know it seems like a no-brainer, but I have a feeling that even normal people (not photographers) forget to compliment.  In our head, we’re thinking…oh my gosh, I love that dress…but it never makes its way to our lips.  So, compliment someone today.  Whether you’re taking their picture or not.

Oh and speaking of awesome outfits…this amazing pregnant mama put this whole thing together and looked stunning while doing it.