This is the first year I’ve tried an activity advent with the kids.  I think we did a chocolate one at some point during the toddler years,  and there’s this amazing interactive one on the computer by Jacquie Lawson that my mother-in-law buys the kids every year.  But, we decided to try something different this year.  There are no chocolates and no gifts in our advent.  It’s about family time and making memories together.  We are on day 17 and I’m so excited about the things we’ve been able to do and the last week we have before Christmas.

Some of the activities are very simple, like stringing popcorn or making a sweet treat.  Other have naturally happened and are a bit more exciting.  Like going to Disneyland for a Brad Paisley concert!  (Friends invited us, so I planned it into the advent.)  We’ve also done some service projects together, like working a food booth at church and making cards for shut-ins and shopping for gifts for others.  Along with the sock project I’ll tell you about soon.

The Christmas season is exciting.  And I want my kids to know it’s not just a count-down to opening presents.  It’s a time to really focus on others and remember what we are celebrating.  This amazing moment when God gave us the most important gift, Jesus.  Heaven coming to earth.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the month of December.  And, in light of the recent tragic events, I hope you are focused on family and the things in life that really matter.