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Before and After [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

I don’t talk a lot on the blog about post-processing, but it’s a pretty big part of my job.  So much of a photographer’s style is defined by photoshop.  It goes without saying that you have to start with a good picture…but the picture goes from good to *take your breath away* after the shutter clicks.

In the beginning of this journey I went a little photoshop crazy…trying a bit of this and a bit of that until I landed on a style that is uniquely me.  I want the photos I take to look like the best version of you.  I don’t want you to look at the image and say “what did you do to me?”

The camera can be harsh, so again…I want to use angles and lighting to take the most flattering picture I can, then *enhance* it in photoshop.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, I have a few before and afters.  This picture was taken as a RAW image, then in Adobe Camera Raw, I simply made a few adjustments in color and clarity.  Done.  Sometimes an image doesn’t need a lot.  Sometimes adding more would ruin it. (By the way SOOC stands for straight out of the camera.)

50mm  f/1.4   1/1000s  ISO 200

Next we’ll talk about actions.  Actions are a series of adjustments made in photoshop, then recorded, so they can be done again and again.  An action makes a photographer’s job much much easier!  The trouble with actions is that they aren’t a one size fits all solution.  Many times photographers will ask me, “what action do you use?”…as if this is the magic bullet to a beautiful image.

I wish this were the case, but just as a good cook seasons a meal according to taste, a good photographer alters an image to taste.  After seeing an image, I know the direction I want to take it…sometimes it’s staying true to the original, other times I want to give it a different feel.  Hence…the actions.

One of my favorite actions is the soft color pop by Nichole Van.  It must be used sparingly…and personally, I only like it on children…but it makes skin clearer, *pops* the color and warms things up a bit.

24-70mm  f/2.8  1/250s  ISO 800

I like this action because it’s not a press the button and be done kind of thing.  Each adjustment has a layer, so the possibilities are endless.  This is where being an artist comes in…the photographer gets to decide how to use the color, where to make things darker and lighter, etc.  A truly unique result every time.

Another favorite series of actions are the Totally Rad Actions by the Boutwells.  I prefer these actions for adults because the results can be pretty dramatic.  Again, each action has a series of layers, so the photographer can make each picture unique to them.  They can be applied over each other for endless results.  For this image, I wanted a fairy-tale kind of feel, so I used Get Faded (Autumn) 52%, , Dirty Loving Texture 100% and Cinnamon Toast 44%.  After that I used the burn tool at 30% opacity to darken the edges.  Again, a more dramatic result, which I prefer for adults instead of children.

24-70mm  f/2.8  1/400s  ISO 320

So…after working with actions over the past few years, I’ve started to play around with taking them apart…seeing how they work.  Many actions use a Channel Mixer, which affects the color of the image.  The three primary colors (red, green and blue) each have a slider, so you can completely change the look of the image…a little or a lot.

For this newborn image, I wanted a soft look with richer colors, so I used the Channel Mixer to create my own look.

50mm  f/3.5  1/160s  ISO 800

Well, this gives you a glimpse into my world!  I am still just scratching the surface of the world of color and post-processing, but hopefully it was helpful…even if just to one person.



Star of the Show [Orange County Baby Photographer]

I always say that newborns are the star of the show…they determine the schedule and I work around it!  I love it because you can really see their personalities even at this young of an age.

Little Parker decided that she wanted to be awake for her photo session.  Normally photographing awake newborns can be a little difficult because they move around and aren’t able to focus their eyes.  At just two weeks, Parker had so many gorgeous open-eyed images.  She was just so mellow!

Here she is with her gorgeous mommy…

…and big sister Presley.

We tried really hard to get this shot with the orange chair from the girls’ nursery…I’m so glad our hard work paid off!

And here are a few pictures of the family with new baby Parker!!

What a great way to spend the afternoon!  I’m so excited to see these girls again as they grow up!


**Just wanted to mention that Friday is the last day to enter the photo session give-away on the Tiny Oranges website!!


Robi & Kobi

This week I got the chance to photograph Nairobi and Jakobi…21 month old twins.  These guys were fast.  And I mean fast!  Thankfully, I had brought a wagon to corral them!

 IMG_6269 Robi was so cute with her little 'cheeeese' every time the camera pointed in her direction.


And her mom dresses her so well…I'm lovin' this outfit!

I got a few serious/soulful shots too.


Kobi was quite the charmer himself. 🙂



Once he got laughing…he couldn't stop!

Aren't these two the cutest!?

Thanks for making the long drive out for our photo session!  Your family is so sweet!




I start the planning for model portfolio shoots by looking at the child's picture and recommending colors/clothing/a location/etc.  From the moment her mom sent me her picture, I knew we'd be having lots of fun.  For starters, I want Dacia's haircut.  If not for myself, then for Jillian!

We shot in between buildings and the light was amazing!



After stopping for a bathroom break at Starbucks, I found this tufted velvet chair.  I knew Dacia would look amazing in it…wasn't I right??

And lastly, a picture from my favorite pink ice cream store…Loards.

Best of luck to you, Dacia!  I know your fun-loving spirit will go far in life!




It seems like I just saw Shannon, but babies grow fast…which means they need to update their portfolios quite frequently!  This time she was walking and had a few more teeth.  I was glad I brought my little white chair…it was good for keeping her in one spot. 🙂
IMG_3985I recruited her big brother a few times to help me get her laughing.  Big brothers are great for that!

I get to meet the rest of Shannon's family when I do their photo session next week…I can't wait! 🙂



I’ve been busy lately with Models, Inc.- which means tons of cute kids!  Dominique and her family met me at the park yesterday for a whirlwind of outfits and fun.  She has such a spunky personality. 🙂

We called this her ‘funky’ hair-do!

And her mom brought so many cute outfits, I had a really hard time choosing which ones to photograph her in!



You were so much fun to work with, Dominique!  I know you’ll go far. 🙂


It all comes together

When I do a portfolio shoot for child models, I don’t get to meet them until the day of.  So, over the phone and through email, I’m helping their parents decide on clothing and a location.
Sometimes it just all comes together, like in the case of Caleb.  Everything his mom brought for him was perfect.  The lighting was great and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Caleb was a good sport, changing outfits many many times and running around the park with me. 
Here’s how it all turned out…




Best of luck to you, Caleb!



One of the reasons I like to do sessions at Earl Warren Park is the dog park they have.  Sometimes kids get a little ‘over’ me taking their picture, so it helps to keep the focus on something besides me and my camera.
I met Paul and his mom at the park to build his portfolio.  We were whizzing through the outfits…




Then, we decided to head over to the dog park.  Paul was in love!!  We met several dogs and I even snapped this one of Paul using his mom’s camera to take a picture.  The dogs owner came over to pose for him. 🙂

The dogs helped me to get some really cute smiles out of Paul!

While we were at the park, I met a few ladies who told me they follow my blog…so hello!  This is what it looks like from my side of the camera. 🙂
I had a great time with Paul.  He is such a natural and we had so much fun, he invited me over for a play date!



This morning I met Nina and her mom in downtown Danville for a little portfolio building.  I love this area because it has tons of amazing shops and some gorgeous old architecture.
Nina was a total natural and looked right at home in her super cute outfits!


She can make any color look amazing! 



…and even though it was a chilly morning, she made it all look easy! 🙂


Christmas Dinner

This morning I got to meet Jake and Nicky for their modeling portfolio.  They braved the chilly/windy weather and had lots of fun jumping around with me and talking power rangers. 🙂

Jake and Nicky are twins, but not identical.  When I first met them I thought I’d have trouble telling them apart, but their personalities made it quite easy!
Jake is outgoing and very talkative…


Nicky is a bit more quiet and super sweet and sensitive…


By the end of our photo session, I had won them over.  Their mom told me that they asked if I could come over for Christmas dinner…how sweet is that!?

Best of luck to you Nicky and Jake!

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