To Sum it Up [Rossmoor Family Photographer]

It’s been a little while since I’ve summed up for you what I’ve been doing!  Work-wise, it’s been full of fun photo shoots and tons of newborns.  I mean tons!  The last four photo sessions I’ve had have been with babies under 2 weeks old.  And I love it!  On a personal note, the kids have gone back to school after a week on spring break.  We were here for the break, so the days were filled with play dates, frozen yogurt and trips to the beach.  Oh and all that pesky rain.  But, we won’t dwell on that.  It’s supposed to be back up to 80 this week.  YES.

One of the super cool things I got to do recently was a newborn photo session with Melody, the owner of Sweet and Saucy.  The photo session took place in her loft and the huge windows gave us the best lighting.  Baby Blake had a ton of accessories for us to choose from and I really could have photographed her all day.  Such a cutie and such a great family!

Baby Michael came in last week when his dad called in literally the night before to see if I had any openings.  I happened to have the next day free and since Michael was almost 3 weeks, we needed to get his newborn photos taken right away.  He was such a sweetheart and kept wanting to pop his head up to see what was going on.  He didn’t want to miss anything!  He finally drifted into sleep and we were able to do some sleepy little newborn poses as well.  What a great photo session!