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June 2010


Home-made Ice Cream Sandwiches [Personal Musings]

What happens when a really driven Type A marries another really driven Type A?  They have babies…and some of them may be Type AA.

Jake is a first born, so that puts him at risk of being Type A.  Add in the personalities of my husband and I…this kid is destined to be driven.  And that’s an understatement.  He has so much energy and so many ideas that even his teachers have trouble keeping up with him.

He’s already mastered making fresh lemonade on his own and made over $100 with the stand he sets out on our corner.  Sales started to wane, so I told him he’s saturated the market and needs to move on to another idea.  🙂 We brainstormed and came up with selling ice cream sandwiches.

Now any old mom can buy cookies and ice cream and slap them together.  I was clearly not thinking when I told him we should make our own ice cream and make our own cookies.  Then assemble.  Oh and an ice cream sandwich isn’t great unless it’s packaged well.  So, we’ve been to Michael’s for cute bags, custom stickers and ribbon.

Jake’s been working away at each task and waiting very impatiently (as we speak) for the ice cream in the sandwiches to harden.

His signs are ready, his work crew (Jillian and Cooper) is assembled and tomorrow he will begin selling ice cream sandwiches from a cooler on our corner.  He will even set out a tip jar…thanks for idea, Aunt Jenny.

Here’s a picture of his hard work from the last few days:

We made chocolate malt ice cream and sandwiched it between chewy peanut butter cookies, then rolled it in mini-chocolate chips.  Don’t tell, but Brent and I sampled one…they are delicious.  Hence Jake’s business name…Jake’s Delicious Treats.

If you’re a friend, drop by…Jake (and crew) will be outside tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll be keeping him busy with new endeavors in selling on our corner, so I’ll keep you updated! 🙂



Mini-Professionals [Baby Model Headshots Los Angeles]

I’ve had a lot of fun lately working with baby models from Zuri Model and Talent.  Head shots with these ‘professionals’ are amazing.  We do three outfit changes in 30 minutes and there are always tons of pictures to choose from!

This little guy was fresh off a Huggies diaper commercial and they cut off his long curls, so we updated his portfolio with a more sophisticated close-cropped look. 🙂

Don’t be surprised if you see this little guy the next time you turn on the TV or flip through a magazine!



Nautical Inspired Newborn [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

I love when clients come with ideas!  It just makes my day to be able to collaborate and deliver images that are truly unique to the family.

Christine wanted to incorporate this nautical inspired chair into the session.  They are just steps from the beach, so I could totally envision how it would look amazing in their home.

Baby Carter slept like a champ and I was able to get him into some of my newborn wraps as well.

I have some more of these wraps to sell in different colors/knits, so if you’re interested, please let me know.  I’m working on getting Kathy an etsy store up and going, but the to-do list is long, so it hasn’t happened yet!

I love how even Christine’s bedding went with the theme, so we had to incorporate that as well.

Baby Carter’s family are friends of a few other local families that I photograph.  He’ll grow up having an amazing network of built-in friends!  What a lucky guy!!



Ladybug Smiles [Children’s Photography in Long Beach]

Try with all your might little ones, but you will smile before the session is up!

The twins were quite serious, but their big sister had them laughing with her before too long!

The girls were enamored with ladybugs, which seemed to have made their home in the long grass around the settee.

It’s the simple things…



Timeless [Orange County Baby Photographer]

I love the very vintage feel of these photos.  So timeless.

Even her little rosy cheeks and swoopy bangs have me feeling nostalgic!  She could fit right into the 1930’s.

This chair was purchased at an estate sale and the owner told me it was his grandmother’s when she was a little girl…putting it a little over 100 years old.  Most of my prop furniture rotates through, but I just can’t bear to part with it.  I just white washed it and now I love it even more!

And oh my goodness, the sunhat.  This little one is adorable!

Sometimes I wish I was born decades ago, but I’ll settle for modern conveniences and the excuse to photograph cute babies with vintage clothes!



Sweet and Saucy Spring [Long Beach Photographer]

It’s only fitting that I write about what my work with Sweet and Saucy this spring on the first day of SUMMER.  That gives you an idea of how behind I am in my blogging!  Better late than never!!

I love the treats, but the girl behind the treats (Melody) is super sweet as well. 🙂  We decided to collaborate on her window displays for spring and I was excited to try my hand at making poufs.  Laura had been telling me how easy they are and I read a few tutorials.  They look perfectly light and fluffy hanging above Melody’s delicate cakes and cookies.  A few of my vintage pieces, Melody’s cake stands (which she’s going to be selling soon, yeah!) and some lemons from my tree rounded out the display.

I also took a few pictures of Melody’s new logo tees.  Laura and her husband Bryan were the perfect models…thanks guys!

Oh and while we’re on the subject, I helped Laura with a little side-project wayyy back in early spring and never shared these pics.  I love love love them.

Blogging this far back feels like house-cleaning.  I feel much better to have it shared…chipping away at the pile of unshared photos!!



Taco Tuesday…on Monday [Personal Musings]

5 out of 7 dinners are served in a tortilla at my house.  I don’t really know how it ended up that way…I just like them!  Which brings me to tonight’s dinner…fish tacos.  I stumbled upon a recipe that I simplified a little and have used several times since finding it.  It’s quickly becoming one of our favorites!

Here’s the list of ingredients:

Marinate one pound of cod filets (cut up into small chunks) in the juice of a lemon a few teaspoons of vegetable oil and half a packet of taco seasoning.  After 15-20 minutes, pour the fish and marinade into a skillet and cook 5-7 minutes until done.

The ‘special sauce’ is what makes it.  Equal parts sour cream and mayo (I use light versions of both) with the rest of the packet of taco seasoning.  I mix it all with another squeeze of lemon.

The fixins’ are bagged cabbage, chopped avacado, tomato, black beans, limes and the special sauce.  Of course, you can serve the fish with whatever you like, but make to include THE sauce.

My Uncle Jeff taught me to lightly char corn tortillas on my gas stove top.  With a fork and a quick hand you have authentic tasting warm tortillas.  It’s the only way to eat tacos of any kind!

I quickly assembled my taco and took it back to the kitchen to photograph. 🙂  It has a healthy dose of Sriracha.  The hotter the better, right mom?

It’s that easy and it’s SO good.  And not too bad for you either!



Summer [in the wildflowers] Long Beach Child Photography

Summer [by the bay] is off to a great start!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!!  The calm water in the bay is perfect for babies and toddlers.  The bay lends itself to beautiful beach images, without the loud crashing waves.

The second installation in my summer series starts now!  I’m racing the clock on this one since the wildflowers don’t make it much past the middle of July.  Summer [in the wildflowers] takes you to one of my favorite locations in Long Beach where the wildflowers are off the hook right now!!  There’s a huge mix of long grass, yellow mustard and plenty of colorful variations of wildflowers. (Someone asked me today if this would be appropriate for boys…ABSOLUTELY! I happen to take the sample shots with a baby girl, but talk about going on an adventure in the long grass with little guys…FUN FUN!!)

So here’s the scoop…$100 gets you a 20 minute photo session, personal styling help, an online gallery of re-touched photos and one complimentary digital image.  Additional digitals and prints can be purchased a la carte.  The special starts now and goes until the wildflowers go away (probably mid-July).

Stay tuned in the following weeks for the next Summer series!!  And hey, go check out Tiny Oranges blog (the BEST blog for OC moms) to see my feature!!

I made a gazillion of these giant pinwheels in colors for boys and girls!  Paper Source has the best options for making pinwheels.  I just used spray adhesive to glue the two sides together.  The cut on the corners, folding ever other one in and nailed it to a spray painted dowel.   They’ll look adorable in the long grass if you want to incorporate them in your photo session.

Love love love the wild mustard…and this wooden chair will be perfect in photo session with little boys…very rustic!

Such a variety of looks…all within walking distance!

Okay…now this is the chair that used to be all white.  It was a little dirty after being dragged into fields over the last year, so I decided to re-cover it for summer!

By the way, the backdrop has been sold…thanks to all who inquired!



Selling my backdrop! [Rossmoor Children’s Photography]

Quite a few fellow photographers have asked about my backdrops and how I make them.  Most of my backdrops are heavy on the crafting.  Those of you who know me can tell I’m working on a new backdrop when I have glue gun burns on my fingertips and left-over paint on my elbows!

BUT, this backdrop is actually a piece of fabric that I purchased in downtown LA.  I sewed a casing on the top, so it fits perfectly on a backdrop stand, but would also work on a curtain rod or clipped to anything sturdy.  It measures 55″ across and 79″ from top to bottom.  This is perfect length to use it for a standing or sitting (depending on how your raise or lower the backdrop stand).

I’m selling the backdrop (stand is not included) for $50.  It will be sold to the first email and CAN BE SHIPPED.

These brothers remind me of my own boys at this age…totally opposite personalities.  And I love how the older brother is telling the younger, ‘look, look this way, smile!’

LOVE the styling with these two siblings.  Mom brought seashells- it went so well with their outfits and the backdrop!

Her dresses (yes we made a QUICK change) were handmade from the flea market.  I love the way it looks with the vintage luggage!

That’s it for now!  Email me if you’re interested in the backdrop.


Rascals to Rebels [Los Alamitos Child Photographer]

I’m wrapping up all my orders from Rascals to Rebels, which means I have a moment to breathe and share the rest of the kiddos I photographed over the last few weekends!

There was an abundance of fun poppy color!!

And teeny-tiny babies…this little girl was a new addition to a family that saw me last spring!

LOVE the bathing suits!

Okay…LOVE this image…might be one of my all-time favorites!

The tiniest baby of the weekend…10 days new.

And sometimes the best smiles happen off the backdrop…especially when you’re two…and SUPER CUTE.

I have to break this into two posts…more to come!


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