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November 2009


Eldridge Thanksgiving [Personal Musings]

This last week has been filled with lots of laughter, shared meals, games and cousin time.  We’ve spent the week in northwest Arkansas with lots and lots of Eldridges.  More than I even knew I was related to!  Family is wonderful and being able to have everyone together is the icing on the cake.

Here is just a little peek into our week…

Lots more coming…I’ve been a busy girl with lots of photo sessions to share!



Big Brother [Long Beach Baby Photographer]

I’ve had an influx of toddlers with new siblings.  It’s so fun to see how the family dynamic changes…especially because I remember going through the change not too long ago.  And what’s even funnier is 6 months from now, these toddlers won’t even REMEMBER what life was like without their little sibling.

Here’s Jack when I met him a year ago…

And here’s Jack now with his new little sister.

She’s pretty cute.

And I think Jack looks pretty happy to be a big brother!

Such a cute family and I’m so happy to be able to photograph Jack with his new little sister. 🙂



Then and Now [Long Beach Newborn Photography]

Do your remember this baby?

You’re never going to believe this is her now…

I’m so lucky to get to see babies grow up…I’ll be able to say some day, I met you when you were just a week old!

Here’s Tessa and her mommy back then…

And now…

And a sweet family picture…

Ann and Michael…thanks for having me back!  I loved seeing Tessa again…she keeps getting cuter. 🙂



This boy is LOVED [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

I spent the afternoon editing pictures from this week and I had to share some images from a photo session that just made me smile.  One year old Tui brought along an entourage…they sang him his own version of the ABCs, they were jumping and clapping and being silly, just to make him smile.  This little boy is LOVED.

We were at a garden where everything was small in scale.  Perfect for a one year old exploring the world!

Here is Tui with his mom and dad…

I’m winding down another busy week of photo sessions!  I’ll be at Rascals to Rebels this weekend in Rossmoor…so I’ll end the week with a bang!!



matching without MATCHING [Orange County Family Photographer]

I spent a lovely afternoon sunset (thanks to the time change!) with this adorable family in Ladera Ranch.

I love finding new little areas and this one happened to be in their backyard…literally!

I know Lara put a lot of thought into their outfits and you can really tell.  It’s the perfect mix of matching without MATCHING.  I love pops of color…and this does it for me!  Coordinating a family of five is hard…but these guys totally pulled it off!

It was an absolute pleasure spending the afternoon with you!!



One of those days [Personal]

Today was the kind of day where I packed lunches and forgot drinks, showed up at the gym without my membership card, then made three trips to Target.  I’m a little forgetful these days…I’ve been telling clients that call me while I’m on the road…email me to remind me!  If it’s not written down, it won’t get done!! But after a fun night with friends, I can look back at the day and say everything got done that was supposed to…everything is in it’s right place.  I’m caught up.  For now.  And to make things even sweeter, I found this picture while I was editing Nick and Riki’s gallery.  I didn’t catch my eye right away…then I turned it into a  black and white picture.  Riki is so stunning. And it’s only Monday!! -Kristin


Rascals to Rebels [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

This weekend was a blur of adorable kids getting their photos taken in front of my winter wonderland background!  The weather was perfect, the kids were beyond cute and Rascals to Rebels didn’t disappoint with their amazing outfits by all the best brands.

Here are a few that made me smile!

If you’re a client…know that I’m working away to have all the galleries up by Wednesday!  There are so many cute images!!

This week is filled with more photo sessions all over Long Beach and Ladera Ranch, then I’ll be back at Rascals to Rebels in Rossmoor next weekend!



Won me over [Long Beach Maternity Photographer]

I met Nick and Riki through email and we chatted a little about what they were looking for, locations, clothing and Goya.  Goya is their first child…their cute little dog.  Nick promised Goya would win me over with his “undertooths” if I would let him be in their photo session. 🙂

Goya has won you over too…right!?  Goya will be a big brother in the next few weeks.  As you can see, he’s excited!

I’m so excited for this little family as they enter the next stage of life.  Masani will be a lucky boy to be welcomed into their lives.

We had so much fun tromping through the forest and picking out all the spots with beautiful light.  I was lucky enough to have a couple as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.  Not to mention ferosh…hello Riki!!

I love love love the images coming out of this photo session…can’t wait to go through the rest of them!!



Field Trip [Personal Musings]

The last time my mom was out she mentioned that she lived in Los Feliz for a few years as a kid.  So, on a whim we drove through LA searching for her old house…based on her memory alone!!!  And we found it.  That’s the amazing thing…after 50 years a mind can remember things like how to get to your house.

It was huge too!  I was like, mom, you forgot to tell me you lived in a MANSION!  She told me the house was all white when she lived there many years ago.

This was the side of the house where my mom and her sister used to build forts and play underneath all that ivy.

My mom said back in the day, her mom hired an interior decorator and the entire living area was done in white.  They even had a white baby grand piano.  Talk about Hollywood Regency.  I would have given my right arm to be there to see it.  I would have done the same to see it now, but these bars sort of got in the way. 🙂

We ended our field trip at Home in Los Feliz.  This restaurant is fantastic and was featured last night on America’s Next Top Model!

A little self portrait with my mom!

Now back to business…I’ve got tons of editing to catch up on and a photo shoot this afternoon!  Take a minute to check out my latest write up for Tiny Oranges.  It’s all about how to take your best family picture…click here to read more!

Have a great day!


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