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September 2008


More, more, more

…of Hayden and Connor!  Right after I flew in on Friday, Cindy drove me to meet her friend Heidi and the boys.  We hung out in a really rustic cafe in an older part of Evergreen.  I loved exploring the place and finding little nooks and crannies for pictures.

Aren’t these guys adorable???  I love how they can turn from this: (doesn’t this look like a j.crew ad?)

to this: (in 2 seconds flat!)

Here’s big brother Hayden…

And little brother Connor…

And what a sweet picture with mama…

What a sweet family!  I miss you guys already. 🙂



Over 4,000…

…photos of cute kids to sort through!  I just returned from Evergreen and am still on a mountain high!  The city has a magnet placed deep beneath the mountains to attract only the best of the best families.  Every single family I met (and there were 14!) was just as kind, generous and gracious as the next.  I’ve walked away from the weekend inspired…by the scenery, the weather and the spirit of this wonderful group of people.  So, here’s my big group hug to Evergreen!  You guys are amazing. 🙂

It’s taken me alllll morning long to download my cards from the trip and I only have time to share one picture before I pick up Jillian from preschool.  This is Hayden and Connor- their family hosted me and I totally enjoyed their fun-loving personalities!

There will be much, much, MUCH more to come!




I’m packing my things and getting ready to fly to Evergreen, Colorado.  I’ll be photographing twelve lovely families over the weekend.  I’m so excited about the gorgeous scenery and the families that I already can’t wait to meet.

I’ll be leaving my own three cutie pies behind, so it’s only fitting to show some updated pictures of them. 🙂  Here they are on the red car.  It’s a resored train that runs down by the water.  I love how cute and quaint it is.

Don’t they all look so much alike!?

-Kristin 🙂


Baby Ella

Let’s start with Ella’s big sister, Sydney.  She happens to be the cutest two year old big sister ever!  We were instant friends and I loved the fact that she repeated everything I said.  I’ve got a job opening as an assistant, Sydney!  Call me. 🙂

I caught this picture as we were waiting for mom to change Ella.  Sydney and her dad started dancing and it was just too sweet.  It needs to be a magazine ad!

We went to the park where Ella snoozed away in this little basket!  Mom commented that Ella had no idea she was napping in a basket in the middle of the park.  I love newborns…

And here are a few more black and whites of the little cherub…

It was a total pleasure meeting Baby Ella and her family!  I hope you enjoy the few sneak peeks!



Too cute not to share…

right now!!

I am going through the photos from Baby Ella’s photo shoot this weekend and ran across this photo that was too cute not to share THIS instant.  🙂  She was such a sweet and mellow little thing.  Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more soon, but couldn’t wait on this one!



My toughest client

She gives me attitude.  She gives me lip.  Then, she gives me a 5 minute window of shooting time.  It’s a good thing she’s so stinkin’ cute!

I’m exaggerating a bit.  Well, all except the 5 minute shooting window!  Jillian, my 4 year old pixie, humors me from time to time with little fashion shoots.  I love clothes, so it’s fun for me to pick an outfit and then have a vision with where we’ll shoot it and the whole vibe the pictures will have.

I had seen this old hotel in San Pedro (which is now filled with offices) and envisioned a really retro feel.  Then I found the cutest red dress at the Gap and the rest is history.  Once we got into the shoot, she was having fun.  For five minutes.

Light floods in through a glass ceiling and it looks like not much has been done to the building for the last 80 years or so.  It’s SO up my alley.

Here’s a few more with a bit more a vintage feel to the editing style.

Hey little diva- some day you’ll be happy that I bugged you to take pictures every once in a while. 🙂



Perfect Sunset Lighting

I finished up my time in the Bay Area with Dwan and her family.  We had the most gorgeous sunset lighting and since the kids were older, I was really able to position them to take full advantage of the lighting!

The boys came straight from football games all day in the heat.  They cleaned up pretty well! 🙂

And little sister, Amelia, fell right in line with her brothers and their amazing blue eyes!

This is one of my favorite family shots.  I love it when families are affectionate.

Since I have two boys as well, I was especially fond of this picture too!

Thanks to ALL the families that moved around their schedules, endured the heat and all the rest to do a photo session with me.  I’m finishing up the galleries in the next day or two, so I’ll be in touch with you all very soon!



Despite the heat

…we got some wonderful pictures that doesn’t let on how stinkin’ hot they all were!  These kids were absolutely amazing and so patient as we walked around the park in well over 100 degree weather.

Little Robert was so serious (as most two-year olds are!), but all it took was a little squeeze from dad to get a smile!

His big sisters were so helpful with Robert.  They held on to him…and bribed him with a little candy!

Then, I asked them to just let him go and I got this picture, which I think is so adorable!

All the siblings had such beautiful eyes!

And although I love bright vibrant colors, this one just worked for me in black and white.

Thanks for putting up with the heat!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures-



She’s a Professional

…at being cute!  I met Semira several months ago when I was working with Models, Inc. Talent Agency.  I took her headshots, then got more requests for her cute little face, so I was able to work with her on some commercial jobs.

It was fun to be able to photograph her with her mom and dad…and see how grown up she is now!

Isn’t she such a cutie-pie!!?

Not surprising…look at her mom and dad! 🙂

This is one of my favorites.  I love the moody lighting.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!



Brave Parents

What brave parents to entrust Baby Kevin with his big toddler siblings!  Don’t worry, dad was close by ready to save the day.  I poke fun at the situation because I have my own 3 kids that are very close together and I have memories of Jillian being dropped because her brothers decided they were done holding her…and gave me a split second’s notice! 🙂

Here he is back safe in his mommy’s arms!

…and another in daddy’s arms.

One of my favorites from the day…

What a cute family!

Congratulations!  Baby Kevin is soooo sweet!


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