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February 2008


Hot Cocoa

This post is late in coming, but too cute not to share!  A few days before Valentine’s Day, my friend Jessica brought this by my house. 

I got to take pictures of her son Jackson during my Valentine’s mini-sessions and I just love what she did with the wallets.  It doesn’t look too difficult to put together, but my how cute and makes the hot cocoa she gave me even sweeter!  I just wanted to put this idea out there for all the clients who have signed up for my Easter mini-sessions.  Do something fun with your wallets! 🙂
On to the cocoa…this is the best hot cocoa I’ve EVER had.  She got it from The Bittersweet Cafe  in Berkeley and it has made me want to make a trip there. 
Here’s what it looks like:

It tastes like drinking an expensive chocolate bar…so yummy!  When the boys went to an all boys birthday party last rainy weekend, Jillian and I got out the hot cocoa for a little treat!


If you live in the Bay Area…you must go get yourself something from The Bittersweet Cafe!  If you don’t, be thankful that they offer an online selection. 🙂


He’s got style

This morning I was getting the kids ready for school and Cooper came into the bathroom for me to do his hair wearing this…

Let me remind you…he’s in kindergarten.  This little guy has style.  He’s always done things his own way and for most part I just let him be his stylish self.  Brent asked me if I was really going to let him wear this to school and I said why not.  Who can get upset with a kindergartener that wants to wear a blazer to school?  I bet his teach will get a little snicker out of it. 🙂
I did change one thing with his outfit…can you guess what it was?

If you look closely his shoes are on the wrong feet. 🙂  There’s something really cute about shoes on the wrong feet.  But it makes gym class a little harder!
Have a great Wednesday-



The response to the Easter mini-sessions has been huge!  So thank you to all of you who signed up and referred your friends.  I have a waiting list right now in case there are any cancellations, so if you’d like to be added to the mailing list, just email me. 
This week I was checking out locations for a future session and came across Earl Warren Park.  Many of my clients like having their session at a park, because it’s a comfortable setting for kids.  While I love photographing kids on playground equipment, seeing the same new plastic stuff has left me longing for something…different.  Earl Warren Park is one of the places that has somehow slipped through the park renovation cracks.  I love the retro equipment, like this cool red tire swing.

Earl Warren also has a nice old bridge that is perfect for pictures as well!

So, if you’re a local client, Earl Warren Park is a fun option to consider for your photo session!


Presenting Easter Mini-Sessions!!!!

I had such a great time with my clients during the Valentine mini-sessions, I had to bring them back for Easter.  This time they’ll be kicked up a notch with some super cool Easter props.  I hit the jackpot this week when I found this amazing victorian chair and settee.  It completed my vision of using it in an open field for a totally unique setting!

The mini-sessions will be 20 minutes and are good for up to three people.  More than three are welcome, but will need to book two sessions to ensure an adequate amount of time.
Here are the details about the sessions…

The fee is $49 and includes your 20 minute session with 5-10 artistically edited images in an online gallery, along with 8 wallets and a 5×7.  Additional prints can be ordered- prices are available on my website.  The first 3 people to sign up will receive a FREE 8×10!
I have several Easter templates, which can be used for the wallets and 5×7, but are not required.




Bring your Easter baskets and cute little outfits…I’ll bring bunny ears, my chairs and more for the kids!  We had a blast shooting in this open field, so join in on the fun Saturday, March 8.




These are going to fill up FAST, so email me today to reserve your spot! 🙂



I met Quentin and his mom this afternoon for a session at the park.  He’s updating his portfolio…and let me tell you, this little guy is talented!  From choir, to cub scouts to dirt biking, he does it all!
And is handsome to boot…



Quentin’s mom told me that ever since he was little he has owned a suit to wear to his choir performances…even though it wasn’t mandatory.  He raised the bar and now all the boys are wearing suits.  Wouldn’t you if you looked like this!?

And he had to bring this, since he just got a new bike!

Lastly a little grunge…his mom was laughing at all the spots I picked to shoot.  A mossy little corner looks pretty cool!

Jennifer and Quentin…it was so nice meeting you.  Enjoy the pictures!


Sweet Treat

I’ve been waiting to write this post until the cards went out.  My friend Vanessa hired me to take pictures of her and Mia with the intention of using some for a New Year’s card.  She said it’s her tradition to skip sending out holiday cards and just do a New Year’s one instead.  The plans changed a little when she saw how cute Mia looked in her cupcake outfit!  We decided to go with a Valentine theme and I designed  these to be printed in little 4×5.5" folded cards.  They turned out so cute!!
So here’s the front…

The inside spread…

And the back…

I love doing fun little projects like this! 



A few weeks ago I went from blonde to brown, so I was feeling a little self-conscious about my very blonde picture on the left sidebar.  When I showed up to meet clients for the first time, they might not recognize me!  I was going to ask Shannon to take my picture when I saw her this weekend, but I forgot to bring my camera to lunch, so here I am today with the mirror.
I wanted to update my picture anyway, so here’s what I look like as a brunette.  It’s a little strawberry because the color has faded a bit.

And can I just say taking a self-portrait is HARD!  Focusing the camera in the right spot on the mirror without getting a weird look of concentration on my face is tough work.  This is the most ‘normal’ I could do.  Here’s my last self-portrait to compare it with:

And after a few tries in the mirror I put my camera on timer and took this one in my door, which I think I like enough to put in my sidebar.

It’s more ‘me’ …just casual…jeans and  no shoes.  Plus a little texture. 🙂



Rachel is the kind of friend whose generosity knows no end.  I can’t tell you all the kind things she’s done for me in the few years I’ve known her…the list is long.  So, when the opportunity came to help her get ready for her baby girl, I was ready!!
We spent this last weekend up to our ears in this:

The former sewing room will now be a nursery!!  But, don’t worry…there was plenty of time for fun…including meeting up with Shannon   for lunch and later that day doing a quick little maternity session.  Rachel is one of those girls who looks every bit as amazing pregnant as
she does her everyday-self.  If she wasn’t such a good friend, I’d have
to hate her. 🙂

Here she is with Rick, who was an incredibly good sport and let me take his picture as well.  I LOVE this picture of them!

After taking some pictures at Rachel’s house we ventured outside.  It may look like we are in the middle of Iowa, but we were actually in a dodgey little field in North Hollywood. 


Rachel makes it look beautiful and romantic, but it was a little scary! 🙂


Thank you Rachel…not only for hosting me for the weekend, but also letting me take these beautiful pictures of you.  I can’t wait to meet your little girl!


Home again…

We just arrived home and I have mountains of laundry to deal with.  The happy part of this post is the maternity pictures I got to take of Rachel.  I have lots more to share, but for now…one of my favorites! 🙂

I’ll share more tomorrow!

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