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December 2007


Baby Peyton

What better thing to do on a rainy Saturday morning than photograph a sweet little angel and her family!?   Baby Peyton is just a week old and simply adorable.  Before coming over I asked her mom to find things around their house to use as props for our session and she did not disappoint!  The first thing we did was use these ornate pink cushions as a backdrop.  Aren’t the colors gorgeous with her skin tones!?


Then I took out  a textured fur throw for some classic black and white photos:


These were shot in all natural light through the windows of their beautiful master suite.

Another super cute prop Jenni had was this basket with the chalkboard sign.  Peyton was wide awake for most of her session.  She wanted to know what was going on! 

But, once she got in her mommy’s arms, she just melted and was able to close her eyes and rest for a bit.  Soooooo cute!


This pose took a little work, but her daddy was so relaxed as Jenni and I positioned and repositioned to get just the right look!

Did I mention Peyton has a gorgeous big sister?  Skyler is such a great helper to her mom…how lucky she is to have two beautiful little girls!

Snuggling up with big sister…

I could go on and on posting pictures!  Thank you Peyton and family for letting me take your pictures.  I can’t wait to show you the rest!


The Aftermath

Does anyone feel like a tornado hits your house after Christmas morning?  I’ve spent hours cleaning up wrapping paper and ribbon, finding a new place for toys, giving away old toys…it can be overwhelming!  We don’t go crazy on Christmas, but even a minimal amount of gifts can take over a house.  🙂 
We were able to spend Christmas day with Brent’s parents, so it was a nice relaxing couple of days…up until Christmas Eve.  We put the kids to bed and assembled and arranged the presents under the tree, then headed to bed ourselves.  A mere hour later, the kids were awake- thinking it was morning!  We spent the rest of the night sending them back to bed every hour or so.  Craziness!
So, when morning finally came, here’s what the kids looked like before they headed downstairs:
(Cooper looks pretty tired!)

Here is Jillian’s reaction to her new kitchen:


Gotta love Costco!  And thanks Shannon for the idea!

Opening some more presents…

Jillian had to try on one of her new shirts!  Check out the crazy bedhead.  One of my friends says Jillian’s hair reminds her of troll hair…you know the ones from when you were a kid!



The kids each got a big present- Jillian’s was the kitchen and the boys got a Nintendo DS.  A few days before Christmas they were talking non-stop about asking Santa for an etch-a-sketch, so I did a last minute Target run to grab 2 mini purple ones.  I have to say the etch-a-sketches were just about as popular as the Nintendos!


Sporting his new wristbands!




All in all it was a great Christmas…we were able to enjoy some nice gifts and also focus on the true meaning of the season!


Christmas Eve

I don’t know what you all are doing this Christmas Eve, but our family had the crazy idea of going to the mall to see Santa this morning.  The kids were actually pretty good in the insanely long line and I was impressed with Santa’s good hygiene.  He had really white beard and teeth!  One year Jake asked me why Santa had butter in his (yellowish) beard…ewww.
Now, we are just tucked in at home, starting to bake for tomorrow.  Speaking of baking (well, not really baking- actually making) we had Ethan and Talia over this week to make mini-gingerbread houses.  It was a great excuse to get rid of all the extra candy I had from Jake’s birthday pinata.

The kids were actually more into eating the candy then building with it…but it was fun nonetheless!


Talia has been in front of my camera before, but she was a little shy this time.  I finally got a cute little grin from her. 🙂  Oh and don’t you love her new bob!?

And here’s Ethan in front of his naked house…he and Cooper abandoned the project half way through to go play on the computer.

Oh and I made some new textures today to try out.  I gave this image a vintage color, then added some scratchy texture:


And here’s another different texture I made:

They’re not anything mind-blowing, but if you’d like them, leave a comment and I’ll email them to you!


Holiday Wishes!!

This morning I was running around delivering all my last minute packages to a few great customers, so I thought it would be a great time to showcase some of their cards.  This was my first Christmas designing cards and I had a blast doing it!  When all is said and done, I’ll have over 1000 cards going out with my name on the back.  So exciting!
I designed 10 templates this year and as you can see, there were a few favorites!












And just because I’m sharing card designs, here’s a birth announcement I made awhile back…

Thanks to the many wonderful clients I was able to work with this holiday season!


Merry Christmas!

I thought I’d post the images from our Christmas card this year.  I did a tri-fold 5×5" card, so there is a lot of space for pictures and text…I love it!
It was quite a process to get it all done.  I decided to take the 3 kids out to a trail by my house for pictures together and individuals.  My original idea was to have a couch out on the trail, but the logistics were just too difficult!
So, in one afternoon I took care of all the kids’ pictures…now for our family picture!  On a different day (so this the second time getting everyone out of the house looking decent) I had Brent come home from work early to meet us on the trail for a family picture.  I went to set the timer on my 5D and realized I’d never done it before, so I couldn’t figure it out!  We were running out of light, so I ran home to get my manual (note:stress level rising).  I got back with the manual and still couldn’t get it to work, so we just went home.
A few days later we decided to get everyone together on the way to school, so on the third try we were sitting out on the trail first thing in the morning in front of the camera.  I knew the kids wouldn’t be patient enough to give it a couple tries, so thankfully the timer worked and we got a good picture on the first try. 🙂






Next post I promise to show the many different Christmas cards I designed this year!


Seven in 07

Last weekend was Jake’s birthday.  I can’t believe he’s seven years old!  He was born at the end of 2000, which seems like forever ago, yet how can I have a seven year old?  It’s also gone by really fast.
About a week before his birthday he lost his two front teeth.  Perfect for a seven year old…and right before Christmas!  I had him pose for a birthday picture.  His gap looks a little scary up close!

A softer, sweeter Jake…

His party was low-key and consisted of a few classmates.  Here he is make a birthday sign for himself.


This was the first year that I didn’t make his birthday cake.  We’ve had several big holiday parties, so I just needed a break!  I brought home this transformer ice cream cake, which perfectly fit the bill!

A few random things to end the post with…I finally finished my holiday baking and we went off last night to deliver them to all our neighbors.  Here’s the finished stack of goodies.

And I’m working on a new brochure right now, so I thought I should update my picture.  I took this self-portrait yesterday in the mirror.  It’s hard to look natural without the camera showing up in the picture…I got lots of weird angles, but this one was somewhat normal!



Christmas Lights

On Friday we went into San Francisco to see the Christmas lights.  I love the Union Square area.  Pay close attention to all the clothing signs you see in the pictures and you’ll see why I love it so much!



We got there just at dusk, so this is the view driving over the Bay Bridge.  You can see the distinctive San Francisco sky line.  Believe it or not, we can actually see this sky line from the second story of our house, a half hour away!


This tree is gigantic…it’s really hard to see the scale in this picture, but ornaments are the size of basketballs!

It’s so fun to enjoy all the lights with kids.  We’ve seen it all year in and year out, but for them Christmas is still new and has so much excitement!




It’s a keeper!

I’ve spent the day at home baking, listening to Christmas music and just enjoying some down time!  I found a recipe for White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies on this website.  Can you say yum!?
I know this picture looks like cheese, but it’s actually chunks of white chocolate ready to go into the cookies…

Combined with the cherries…it’s divine, I tell you!

Thankfully for my hips the cookies will not be living here!  They are going to be delivered eight teachers tomorrow.  Can you believe my 3 kids have eight teachers…that’s a lot!!
Here are all the cookies, lined up and ready to be boxed.

I’m trying 3 other recipes, so I’ll post more later!!
Back to the kitchen-



Jillian was in her first Christmas program last weekend.  I’m late blogging about it, but I just couldn’t skip over it.  It was amazing to see ALL THESE KIDS up on stage in the nativity scene.

The younger classes (which includes Jillian) were part of the "heavenly choir."  Both my boys were in the heavenly choir, so I got a little tear thinking about this being my last time having a child wear this cute little collar.

I took these pictures indoors- with lowlight and no flash, so I was playing around with a bit of film grain and a vintage sort of color.
Here is her teacher, Miss Lydia tying on her collar.

I bought Jillian this fantastic patent headband to wear for the night and she kept calling it her "husband" instead of headband.  Too cute.
Okay, another favorite part of the heavenly choir is that they all have to hold on to these rope.  Imagine dozens of 3 year olds trying to walk in line.  Mass chaos.  Hence, the rope.


Here’s what it looks like when you get lots of kids on different ropes…

Of course the boys came to see Jillian sing…so here’s a picture of Cooper enjoying the show with Brent.  He was the inn keeper last year and remembered all the songs, so he was singing along.


Thanks for letting me share!



The Courthouse

Yesterday morning I went to court.  I’ve never been to the Oakland Courthouse before…it’s really beautiful.  And it’s right across from Lake Merritt…hopefully I’ll be back to take pictures there!
But my purpose yesterday was to take pictures of Carolyn.  She’s a lawyer- updating her head shots.  Carolyn was great to work with…very relaxed and easy going.
Not only does she have a nice personality, but she’s an extremely talented lawyer AND a great dresser!  I loved her outfit choices for the shoot.

She had the great idea of getting the eagle in back of her for this picture…

In front of the courthouse…

We actually started the session off at her home and took some pictures in a nearby field.  I love the contrast of her sharp outfit and the relaxed look of the field.



And the chair in the field was Carolyn’s idea…which I love!  I love when clients come to a session with lots of ideas…collaboration is so much fun!!

Thanks Carolyn…I hope you enjoy the pictures!  It was fun hanging out with you for the morning!

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