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I’m Kristin Eldridge, a portrait photographer in Long Beach, CA.  On the site you’ll find details, pricing, my portfolio and the contact buttons on the left.  If you’re interested in booking a session, call or email and we can discuss dates and locations.

I have a studio located in Long Beach, but I also travel for portrait sessions (newborn, baby, children and family) to Orange County and Los Angeles.

Besides being a wife, mom and a photographer, I also love to cook and craft.  So, if you’re interested, (beyond scrolling through photo sessions), you can also check out my favorite cookie recipe or how to sew yourself a kimono!


Newborn Photographers Orange County // Planning Out a Shot

newborn photographers orange county When photographing newborns with their older siblings, sometimes you have to try a few different things before you hit on what will work.  In this session, I had tried a few different positions and wasn’t getting anything fantastic.  It’s hard with a 2 year old.  Their life has just been turned upside-down.  Then I come in and I’m asking them to do things that aren’t their favorite.  They’d rather be off and running around!

So, we took a break and I just photographed the baby by herself.  I came up with a game plan that involved the baby being stationary on this chair (with a parent off to one side as a spotter).  Then, we would bring in big brother and see if he could interact with her a bit.

Here’s what it looked like first.  I asked him where the flower was…


Found the flower, check.  Next we started being silly and saying funny things.  He eventually looked up and smiled at us.  Ka-ching.


Then, I asked him to give her a kiss.  Or if he could kiss the flower on her head.  This whole progression of images lasted about 30 seconds.  It involved lots of enthusiasm and silly voices.  The moral of the story is that these types of images don’t just happen.  They are planned out and they happen QUICK.  Two year olds move fast!


Newborn Photographers Orange County // Planning Out a Shot


Long Beach Baby Photographer // One Year Old Photo Session


The one year photo session.  It gets a little tricky because maybe the last time you saw them, they were a chubby little sitting baby.  Maybe they were just trying out their crawling moves.  At one year (or a bit older), they are GO. GO. GO.  And there’s a reason I put those in all caps.  Those new to walking, want to WALK.

So, I enlist the help of mom or dad.  I love this series because his dad was threatening to tickle.  We would time it out so he would run in for the tickle, laughs would ensue and we’d start all over again.  I got real smiles, authentic expressions and he was still, while waiting to be tickled.  Win-Win.




Long Beach Baby Photographer // One Year Old Photo Session


Orange County Spring Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels


Did you know it’s only 22 more days until Spring?  Maybe I’m a little excited for flowers and warm weather, although in California, we can’t complain much!

I’m going to be bringing this backdrop to Rascals to Rebels on March 21 and 22 for mini-sessions.  Here’s the details!

  • Spend a minimum of $50 in the store (or call and purchase a gift card) to receive a complimentary 15 minute photo session.
  • Sign up for a time slot on March 21 or 22.
  • You’ll proof the photos on March 23.  You can purchase digital images or prints from your gallery. (photos will be delivered before Easter)

(This event is for kids age 12 and under.)

It’s as easy as that!  I styled a more casual look for these sample photos, but feel free to dress the kids in their Easter best from the store.






Orange County Spring Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels





Family Photographer Los Angeles // Drawing emotion out in a photo

Beyond good lighting and composition, what makes a good photo?  Emotion.  We all know that fake smile kids give.  Yes, their eyes are open.  They are looking at the camera.  BUT, it’s dead.  There’s no emotion to draw in the viewer.

This is where your photographer comes in.  The photographer needs to know when to interact and when to be a silent observer.  It’s different in every situation.  sometimes a situation calls for words like ‘poopy diapers’ to be thrown around.  Other times, photographers notice something that is happening and they don’t want to be noticed.  This is where maybe a more serious emotion might be happening.

One thing I’ve learned is that it helps to have something to interact with.  In the case of these photos, it’s their dog.  They love Louie and he gave us something to laugh about and someone to cuddle with.  So be creative, how can you draw out emotion?

photos with emotion

family photographer los angeles








Family Photographer Los Angeles // Drawing emotion out in a photo


Long Beach Newborn Photographer // My favorite color

When we are setting up the details for a newborn session, clients often ask what they should wear.  My answer is usually- something soft and neutral so as not to compete with the softness of newborn skin.  But, I want to answer GRAY all the time.  I realize that not everyone loves gray.  I just love the way it looks against a white wall.  It’s not harsh like black or navy and you can vary up the shades, unlike white.

Of course, many clients wear colors other than gray for the newborn session, and they look amazing.  But my personal favorite will always be gray. :)

long beach newborn photographer







Long Beach Newborn Photographer // My favorite color (is gray).  Photos by Kristin Eldridge.



How to Build a Hanging Copper Pipe Rack // DIY

copper hanging rack

Like many of you newborn photographers, I have an overflowing supply of fabrics, wraps, knits, hats, etc.  Keeping it organized in my small space can be a challenge.  I saw a tutorial on Food52 (of all places!) and knew it would be the perfect DIY for my space.

I loved this project because it hangs so close to the wall. Now my supplies take up hardly any space!


Here’s what you’ll need…

Copper pipe, fittings (2 Ts, 2 90degree and 2 end caps), rope and cement glue

The original project on Food52 has different measurements than mine.  I designed mine to fit the space that I had.  Feel free to adjust the measurements as needed.  I also changed the way it hangs, but we’ll get to that later.

Step one:

Cut the pipe.  I had to purchase a 10 foot piece at Lowe’s and then cut it.  The helpful Lowe’s employee told me I could cut it with a hack saw, but Brent has a pipe cutter, so that’s what you’ll see here.


I cut two 28″ pieces (the width), two 12″ pieces (the bottom height) and two 24″ pieces (the top height).


Next you’ll want to assemble everything except for the end caps.  You can see how it all goes together here:



Once you have it assembled, you’ll want to thread the rope through.  It goes all the way down the right side, across the bottom portion and up the left side.  (It doesn’t go through the middle piece.)  I did take the joints apart as I threaded the rope through and then put them back together once the rope was through (as shown).

Next you’ll want to take the joints apart one more time, apply cement glue and push the joints back together.  Let this part dry overnight.


While it’s drying you can drill a hole as big as your rope (mine was 1/8″ rope) into the end caps.  This will prevent from moving around inside the pipe (and add stability) while it’s hanging.

Thread the rope through the end caps and secure it with more cement glue.


The original project called to hang eye hooks from the ceiling at tie the ropes to secure it.  We decided to go for a cleaner look, so Brent drilled 1/8″ holes in the ceiling (from the attic).  We threaded the rope up the ceiling and tied it into a knot at the top.  We also added a board under the knot for a little more security.

Now that the rack is on basically a big loop, I can adjust as needed if it gets lopsided from the blankets I’ve layered on.  Scroll up to the top to see how it goes into the ceiling.



Photo Session at the Terranea Resort

The Terranea is one of those resorts that just takes your breathe away.  It sits on top of a bluff with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.  The decor has a Mediterranean vibe with a soft color palette.  So, basically it’s the perfect backdrop for family photos!




Kristin Eldridge photographed this Photo Session at the Terranea Resort, located in Palos Verdes, CA.


Baby Photographer Orange County // At Home Newborn Session

As much as I love photographing babies in the studio in Long Beach, going to clients’ homes is such a treat.  Especially when they are decorated as cute as this one.  Good natural light is always a plus too!

I tell my clients to plan their newborn session around 2 things…baby (or toddler)’s nap schedule and when the most light comes into your home.  If you have an ample amount of light, the photos will be light and airy.  Gorgeous!

baby photographer orange county






// Kristin Eldridge is a Baby Photographer in Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles.  This session took place at the client’s home.

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