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Live in the moment [Personal]

I’ve spent today in my pajamas organizing my files, making phone calls, working on my new piece of vintage furniture and fitting a few sets of push ups and lunges in between.  Talk about multi-tasking!

In a few minutes I’ll go pick up the kids from school and go into mommy mode.  Isn’t it amazing how many hats we wear?  When I work I’m a machine, but I am learning how to turn it off and have fun with my kids…stopping to enjoy the moment.

Here’s Sam, one of the kids’ friends…we were at a museum and I just looked down for a second and caught this photo.

I love how fresh it looks.  It serves as a reminder to live in the moment!

Have a great day–



Ladera Ranch Spring Sessions [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!!  I knew this week would fly by and it has.  It’s been a blur of shopping, building, painting and photo-editing.  In fact, my hands are covered with green paint and I just got done shopping for moss today…how’s that for a teaser!

OK, enough about what I’ve been up to.  Here are the details for the Ladera Ranch Spring Sessions…March 28 (Saturday) from 8:30 to 10:30am I’ll be in a secluded field absolutely covered with lush greenery and pops of orange wild flowers.

I feel like I absolutely scored by finding this location!!  I can’t wait to see the images we come up with.  The photo sessions will be 20 minutes long and will include an online gallery of 10+ images to choose from as well as (2) 5×7 prints.  Additional prints/cards/etc. can be purchased a la carte.

The cost is $110 and if you are a socal resident (you don’t have to live in Ladera Ranch to participate) email me at to reserve your spot.  Of course I’ll be bringing some gorgeous antique furniture out to the field.  My wonderful Ladera host, Arlene, is emailing this info to all her friends, so I have a feeling the spots will go fast!  This is such an awesome way to get Easter pictures of your kiddos that will out-do everything you’ve done before!!



Orange is the New Black [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

Last week I got to meet up with Jennifer…the mastermind behind Tiny Oranges blog.  It’s a blog dedicated to Orange County moms and their little ones.  I can’t remember exactly how I found Jennifer’s blog.  It’s one of those rabbit trail things…you know you sit down to look up movie times and the next thing you know you’ve found the latest and greatest new site!

I emailed Jennifer, we hit it off and ended up meeting for coffee.  Or tea in Jennifer’s case. 🙂  Starbucks was kind enough to coordinate their cup cozies with my whole theme for the day.

As a mom and entrepeneur I wanted to ask Jennifer how she started her blog, how she comes up with WHAT to blog about and basically how she got to be so dang talented!  Turns out she was inspired by The Wedding Chicks…a blog I also frequent!  She thought there should be something equally as cool for moms.  Specifically moms in Orange County.  And even though starting a blog was unfamiliar territory, she wrapped her experience in the dot com industry, her years as an event coordinator and of course her experience as a new mom into Tiny Oranges.

The blog has great tips, giveaways and fun things to do in Orange County.  I love how easy it is to navigate and she has something new just about every day!  Next week, I’ll be doing a spot on her blog about practical things you can do to improve your pictures.

Because Jennifer has her finger on the pulse of all that is new and cool for moms, I wanted her to share with us what she couldn’t live without and what’s she’s dying to have!  Soooo, her must have is this shopping cart cover and she can’t wait to get her hands on a new UPPA Vista Baby Stroller.  Go check it out…it looks awesome!  And make sure you frequent her blog for tons more eye candy!

She was kind enough to pose for a photo, so you can put a face to all the fun stuff that’s coming out of Tiny Oranges.  Oh and if you’re in the know about a cool new place for kids or the product that all your friends are buying, send her an email.  She loves to include contributions from local moms!

Last but not least!  I promised to share info about the Spring Mini-Sessions that are coming up at Rascals to Rebels.  Here’s the 411.  The Huntington Beach Store is now taking sign ups for March 13 and 14 from noon to 2pm.  The store is hosting complimentary 15 minute mini-sessions and prints can be purchased a la carte.  You need to go by the store to sign up, so go quick…last time it filled up in 2 days!



Oahu [Beach Photography]

All this warm weather has me excited about an upcoming trip to Oahu!  I’ll be staying on the North Shore March 18-23.  There really isn’t a more beautiful place to do beach photos, so if you happen to be lucky enough to be reading this from your home in Oahu or if you know someone who’d be interested shoot me an email.

I’ll be spending many hours watching Brent surf, so I thought it might be fun to break it up with a photo session!  There will be special pricing, so email me for details.

Also, for all of you who asked about the photo tips I mentioned, those will be showing up next week on a friends blog.  You’ll get to meet her tomorrow!



Updates! [Long Beach Child Photographer]

I thought I’d use today’s post to share a few quick updates…  Thank you for all of you who sent me pictures of your adorable little guys!  I have already selected the little boy that will be doing the railroad photo shoot.  He happens to have a cute little brother, so lucky me!  I promise to update the blog with those pictures once we get them done.  I’ll be trying to squeeze in something new every month, so check back for more opportunities!

In other news, this week is going to be CRAZY!  I have two more photo-sessions coming up at Rascals to Rebels.  This time we’re spreading the love to the Huntington Beach store!  I’ll be wrapping up all the details on that today, so more to come soon.  I’m also doing an Easter event in Ladera Ranch, hosted by the lovely Arlene, so I’m off to location scout for that today.  So, if you’re in that area, let me know if you’re interested in some super cute spring photos!

Finally, a post just isn’t a post without a picture, so I’ll share what has been a top secret project for my photographer friend Shannon.  She has rocked out the new catalog for Matilda Jane. A month or so ago she asked if Jillian and I would like to model for her.  I’m not normally up for being photographed, but I knew I was in good hands, so I said yes!  Of course Jillian and her good friend Madison know how to work the camera, but Shannon made an average girl like me look somewhat cute.  Thanks friend!  So, here we are…

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!



Baby Balls [Long Beach Family Photographer]

How could I not title the post “baby balls” when this little guy has been collecting them just about his whole life!

It was really cute to see the whole family helping him look on the trail and I bet that years from now, looking at this photo will bring them right back to his toddler years. 🙂 And what a cute time of life!

For a few short moments, these two were hugging and gave me a window to give their mom some great pictures!

And this little gal was on the go…she helped me get my workout in!

And here’s a few more of these cuties having fun with their family.

Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with you!



Photography Tips [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

This morning I had a chance to talk to the lovely ladies at Bethany MOMS group.  They were super gracious and kind…especially considering I was working off a few hours of sleep and had a few extra gray hairs.  Last night Cooper took a dive off one of our retaining walls and spent the evening in the ER.  He’s OK, just down a few teeth.  Even though I HATE the thought of a child being hurt, it did take my mind off being nervous!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a self-taught photographer.  I started out as a mom that loved good pictures and was dying to learn how to get from point A to point B.  Point A being the digital camera- Point B was an amazing photograph.

I read as much as I could, asked lots of questions, watched my friend Shannon and then just practiced a ton.  Then practiced some more.  Of course I’m still learning, but I wanted to share some tips that I picked up along the way.  Tips that any one can try…you don’t have to be a professional and you don’t have to own a fancy camera.

I’ll be sharing the list of those tips in the next week on a friends blog…more on that to come!  For now I want to share some pictures that I took today.  After I gave the talk, I asked to borrow one of the kids so the moms could see the tips in action.

Hayden was kind enough to let me take his photo…so off we went to the doorway.  Perfect lighting situation! This first picture was taken with my rather cheap point and shoot camera.

This next one is the same image, but I edited it in photoshop…adding contrast, warming it up.  Pretty basic things.  You can do this!

My encouragement is that as a mom with a fairly simple camera, you can take a good picture of your kids.  It’s as simple as using light to work for you instead of against you…like I said more on that to come.

The next few pictures were taken with the big gun…my Canon 5D.  The pictures are sharper, crisper and have better coloring.  So, yes there is a big difference when you are hiring a professional photographer.

I told the MOMS group to check on my blog to see the images I took while I was there.  Hopefully they’ll be able to notice some of the tips that we talked about.  And a big thank you to Hayden for letting me photograph him in front of all those people!



Anthropologie Fashion Shoot [Newport Photographer]

I promised that today would bring more news about a new favorite location…so here’s the deal.  I found a railroad track.  Not just any…but a railroad track that dead ends into grass (so it’s not a dangerous place to do a photo shoot!).  It’s perfectly vintage.  What a find in the middle of the CITY!

I also previously mentioned that I wanted to spend a photo session every month doing something a little experimental.  My kids are only up for so much…then they draw the line and start calling their agent!  Anyway, right now I’m looking for a toddler boy to do a photo shoot at the railroad track.  Any age between 2 and 5…email me if you’re interested!  The photo shoot itself will be free, prints can be purchased a la carte.

In other news…I made it over to Anthropologie today to photograph the girls for their Carolina concept.  The girls totally brought it!

Good luck, girls!  I hope our version of Carolina knocks their socks off!



City Grit [Long Beach Senior Photographer]

Yesterday overflowed with peanut butter and jellies, first graders, editing, driving and more editing.  The good news is I’m ready to blog today AND I found a brand new location that I’m really in love with.  More on that in my next post.

Emily had her head shots done for an upcoming audition- Musical Theatre West.  It was so much fun to hear about how bright her future is.  She has so much ahead and so much to be excited about!

I mentioned that Emily brought along her sense of adventure.  She was totally up for the grunge of an urban shoot.  The juxtaposition of her fair skin and intense blue eyes with the grit of the city is amazing.  Of course we have to work around dumpsters and a little bit of stink, but the result is worth it. 🙂

It’s harder and harder these days to find the grungey bricks and unique doorways.  They’re paved over, stuccoed on top of and “prettied up.”  The location we shot at with Emily feels untouched for many decades.  It has so much character…and that’s what I love about it!

Best of luck to you, Emily!


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