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My Favorite Accessories for Holiday Photos // Long Beach Photographer

Have you done your family photo session yet this year?  If not, you need to take a look at my FAVORITE accessories!  Accessories are like the icing on the cake for a photo.  You don’t have to add every single one to your outfit, but 2 or 3 will perfect your overall ensemble.  I talk about my favorites and where to find them over on Tiny Oranges!

favorite accessories for christmas photos

Side note: I’m always behind on blogging family photos this time of year.  Partially because I’m so busy with photo shoots and partially because some families want the ‘big reveal’ to happen when they send out their card!  So, I’m going to reach into the archives and share some perfectly accessorized families from 2012!


favorites…shoes, ties, leggings, hair accessories, flower pin


favorites…statement necklace, belt, coordinating prints, colored jeans


favorites…statement necklace, hair accessories, colored jeans outfits-4

favorites…love the neutral look on both of these with careful thought to detail, tulle skirts, scarves, fun shoes and shoe laces!, hair accessories



Kimono DIY

I’ve been seeing kimonos everywhere, so I decided to try a Kimono DIY!  Turns out it’s pretty simple.  Just 5-8 seams…depending on if you want to leave any of the edges raw.

The best kimono I own was purchased at Prism Boutique in Long Beach.  Dayna’s got an amazing selection of kimonos and the one I bought has the softest fabric and prettiest pattern.  I tried to find similar fabric downtown LA and got similar but not exact.  So, if you don’t sew or just want to treat yourself, you should check out her store!

Okay, on to the DIY step by step instructions!  First start with a piece of fabric that is approximately 50×50″.  If you aren’t exactly there, it’s okay…kimonos are so loose, so a few extra inches plus or minus won’t affect the overall look.  For this particular kimono, I used a gauzy cotton (and mine was only 48″ wide).  Then fold the sides together (selvage end to selvage end)


Cut the fabric in half lengthwise and the fold it in half.


Pin the right sides together half way down and sew them together.


I like to finish it with a french seam (which just means folding the edges in on each other so they don’t fray).  Then I cut a small slit where the seam stops half way down.


Pin and hem both of the open sides.


Fold your fabric in half (right sides together) with the seam in the middle.  The french seam will be running down the middle of your back when you wear it.  Now you need to sew arm holes, so pin 8 1/2″ down to the bottom (leaving an 8 1/2″ opening at the top for your arm) and sew right sides together.  You can finish with a french seam here.


I decided to leave my arm holes raw since the selvage won’t fray, but you can sew a seam here if you want.


You can also leave the hem around the bottom raw or finish with a trim.  I added a lace trim to mine.  Easy Peasy!


You can experiment with different fabrics and lengths of fabric for different fits.  Here’s a few other kimonos that I recently made!






Restoration Hardware Baby Nursery [Orange County Baby Photographer]

I wanted to share this sweet baby nursery with you.  The big furniture items are from Restoration Hardware…which I just love!  Pale gray is the most soothing of colors, perfect for a nursery.  Other small items were purchased off Etsy, creating a simple room with little pops of yellow.



Dip Dyed Tote [DIY]

I saw this tutorial for Dip Dyed Easter Totes on the Small Fry Blog.  It’s such a cute idea, so I wanted to steal it for myself!


I got to thinking that leather straps would be so cute, so I picked up an old leather belt for $3 at the flea market.  Just cut off the buckle and then cut the whole thing in half.  Make sure you get a belt that is both long enough and wide enough.  The whole for the belt buckle bothered me, so I trimmed it down a little so they wouldn’t show.

Next I picked up a $5 canvas bag at Joann’s Fabric in white.  It was a little too stark white for my taste, so I soaked it in tea bags for an hour, so the color was slightly off white.

Next I filled the sink with hot water and some magenta RIT dye.  I did a quick dunk about 3/4 of the way up, then I started dipping it for longer and longer as I got toward the bottom.  The whole process takes about 5 minutes and there’s really no ‘right’ way to do it.  After I was done, I gave the canvas a quick rinse and hung it to dry.

I cut off the top part of the bag and made a new hem to attach the leather handles.

The leather isn’t too thick, so I was able to sew it on to the bag with a denim needle.  It’s attached by two seams and it’s holding up just fine!

I’m ready for spring with my new dip dyed tote!

I’ve attached a pom-pom for a little fun, but how cute would this be with a patterned silk scarf tied at the top?!


DIY Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I was chatting with a friend about her coconut oil brownie disaster.  I love coconut oil, but to be honest with you I haven’t cooked or baked with it yet.  I currently love it as a moisturizer!  Mix equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil, with a squeeze of fresh lemon and you’ve got an amazing body scrub.  I’ve read that essential oils can be added, but to be honest with you, I think this concoction smells pretty delicious, so I’m leaving it alone.  I keep this little jar in the shower with a teaspoon and scrub scrub scrub away.  You won’t need lotion…the coconut oil soaks into your skin and leaves it baby-soft.






DIY Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are such an easy thing to make.  I’m not sure why I haven’t done it before, but Easter was the perfect excuse to whip some up!  All you need is a light-weight fabric.  Cut the fabric into 21″ squares.  You can either pin all 4 sides into a hem, or you can pin a side, then sew it and repeat.  Either way, you’ll end up with a hem around all 4 sides of the square.  Iron that square and you’re done!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!









//photography by Kristin Eldridge at my home in Long Beach


DIY Zippered Clutch


Have you tried making a zippered pillow yet?  Here’s the tutorial.  If you can master the pillow, then you can make a zippered clutch!  All you need is a 24″x14″ piece of fabric and a zipper.  I got this fabric at Dorell in Fountain Valley.  They have an amazing selection of woven fabrics and the prices are decent.

Start by sewing your zipper to short end of the fabric (right sides together).  Pull up the other short side and sew the zipper to the other side (right sides together).  Now you have a loop of fabric, connected by a zipper.  The trick to sewing a zipper is using a light weight zipper and pulling up the needle to let the zipper head move to the other side, so you can keep sewing (and not run over it).  Trim the end of your zipper after you’ve attached it.

Now sew the other two sides of the fabric (right sides together).  Don’t forget to open the zipper a little so you can turn it right side out.

Iron the corners and top stitch the sides of the zipper.  Done!











//photography by Kristin Eldridge in Long Beach


How to make a zippered pillow [DIY photography]

Awhile ago, I instagramming about how I was whizzing through zippered pillows at home.  Making them right and left and then humble-bragging about how EASY it was!  Then, like a meanie, I made you wait.  But, the tutorial is finally here!  I shared it today over on Little Skye Kids, so I hope you’ll check it out.  It’s just a few steps and I pinky-swear you can make a zippered pillow in about 15 minutes.  And you don’t have to have any special equipment, just a regular old sewing machine!

Click here to check it out!

//photography by Kristin Eldridge in Long Beach



Natural Dyed Easter Eggs [Long Beach Photographer]

I’m intrigued with dyes in nature.  It’s the good stuff…green spinach and kale, pomegranate that dyes our fingers red when we pry those seeds out and anti-oxidant-rich blueberries.  This year, we are in the kitchen playing around with natural dyes.  And I started early so we could really get our technique down!  I did a little googling on the matter and was not surprised that red cabbage is a wonderful dye.  I was surprised however, to find that it dyes the eggs blue!  And boring old brown onion skins, who knew they make a perfect orange dye!?

Well, let’s get started!  Buy a handful of beets, a head of red cabbage and a brown onion…

Roughly chop your ingredients.  I’m not sure that heat helps release the dye, but I tried it, just in case.  The cabbage went over the stove top and the beets and onion were microwaved for a few minutes in separate bowls.

Leave the mixture to steep for at least 15 minutes and then strain it into a bowl or mason jar.  Add your hard-boiled eggs and decide how long you want to wait.  I left mine overnight in the fridge.

Here’s what I found out…the red cabbage and the onion skins were awesome!  They had rich vibrant color.  You could leave them in for an hour to have a pale color.  The beets left overnight just turned brown.  Boo!  But, when I had checked them after about an hour, they were a pale pink.   I predicted leaving them overnight would result in dark pink, alas brown was what we got.

These mimic robin’s eggs, in that they are slightly speckled and have varied color.  I love how rustic they are.  I think the possibilities are endless and I’m excited to try spinach and pomegranate seeds next!


//photographed at my home studio in Long Beach


Elephant Themed Nursery [Los Angeles Baby Photographer]

If you missed the first two posts about Annie’s colorful modern home, you can check them out here and here.  Or you can stay here and enjoy Baby Charlie’s nursery!  I love when one incredible find can kick off a whole theme.  The white elephant mount was an etsy find, which spurred handmade elephant art, custom bedding and so many details and that tie everything together in this adorable nursery.

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