Nothing says love like handmade.  When Valentine’s Day rolls around, I get excited about making little tokens of affection.  Sometimes, it’s baking for friends and or sweet written notes, but when it comes to the children, I love using their photos for handmade valentines.  This year, pixie sticks were the sweet treat, adorned with a photo and a little flag.  It’s a no-fuss project they are thrilled to hand out to all their friends!

Step one:  If you own photoshop, take a photo of your child and use the elliptical marquee tool to draw a circle around their face.  Then right click and choose ‘select inverse.’  Delete the outside of the circle and use the move tool to move to a blank page.  Move as many of these circles to your blank page as you need, then print the page.  I printed on regular old card stock.

Step two:  Cut out the circles.  I chose to leave a white space around the circle because it was easier to cut in a nice rounded line.  If you do not own photoshop, print out 4x6s of your child and use a circle template (found at craft stores) to trace around the child’s face.  Then simply cut around the line.

Step three:  Using a glue stick, attach the circle to the top of the pixie stick.

Step four:  Attach a little flag to the pixie stick.  I chose to print out strips that said the child’s name, but you could achieve an equally cute result by gluing a little strip of ribbon around.  Or tie a bow!  The possibilities are endless!

If you’re inspired to get crafty, check out my Valentine’s Day DIY from last year!