Yesterday morning I went to court.  I’ve never been to the Oakland Courthouse before…it’s really beautiful.  And it’s right across from Lake Merritt…hopefully I’ll be back to take pictures there!
But my purpose yesterday was to take pictures of Carolyn.  She’s a lawyer- updating her head shots.  Carolyn was great to work with…very relaxed and easy going.
Not only does she have a nice personality, but she’s an extremely talented lawyer AND a great dresser!  I loved her outfit choices for the shoot.

She had the great idea of getting the eagle in back of her for this picture…

In front of the courthouse…

We actually started the session off at her home and took some pictures in a nearby field.  I love the contrast of her sharp outfit and the relaxed look of the field.



And the chair in the field was Carolyn’s idea…which I love!  I love when clients come to a session with lots of ideas…collaboration is so much fun!!

Thanks Carolyn…I hope you enjoy the pictures!  It was fun hanging out with you for the morning!