Does anyone feel like a tornado hits your house after Christmas morning?  I’ve spent hours cleaning up wrapping paper and ribbon, finding a new place for toys, giving away old toys…it can be overwhelming!  We don’t go crazy on Christmas, but even a minimal amount of gifts can take over a house.  🙂 
We were able to spend Christmas day with Brent’s parents, so it was a nice relaxing couple of days…up until Christmas Eve.  We put the kids to bed and assembled and arranged the presents under the tree, then headed to bed ourselves.  A mere hour later, the kids were awake- thinking it was morning!  We spent the rest of the night sending them back to bed every hour or so.  Craziness!
So, when morning finally came, here’s what the kids looked like before they headed downstairs:
(Cooper looks pretty tired!)

Here is Jillian’s reaction to her new kitchen:


Gotta love Costco!  And thanks Shannon for the idea!

Opening some more presents…

Jillian had to try on one of her new shirts!  Check out the crazy bedhead.  One of my friends says Jillian’s hair reminds her of troll hair…you know the ones from when you were a kid!



The kids each got a big present- Jillian’s was the kitchen and the boys got a Nintendo DS.  A few days before Christmas they were talking non-stop about asking Santa for an etch-a-sketch, so I did a last minute Target run to grab 2 mini purple ones.  I have to say the etch-a-sketches were just about as popular as the Nintendos!


Sporting his new wristbands!




All in all it was a great Christmas…we were able to enjoy some nice gifts and also focus on the true meaning of the season!