One of the perks of my job is the convenient excuse to craft.  Sometimes I need props that just aren’t something I can buy in a store, so I break out the scissors paper and glue.  This time it was paper flowers.  I was shooting for Oilily, a European brand, so wanted something the girls could hold.

I based the design off what I had seen on pinterest, but changed things up because I needed it to have a stem so the girls could hold a bouquet.

After digging through my pantry, I decided to use a jar of natural peanut butter and a jar of vinegar for my circle templates.  The peanut butter jar was about 5″ across and the vinegar jar was 3 1/2″ across.  I traced one big circle and five small cirles.

Cut out your circles.  Then take one small circle and one big circle and cut about halfway to the middle.

Twist the circle to make a slight cone shape and hot glue in place.  Glue the small cone inside the larger cone.  Then, take your four small circle that are left and glue them around your cone, evenly spaced.

Final step is to put a dab of glue in the middle and sprinkle with glitter.

You could end there, or you could keep going and make stems.  I took a strip of green paper and folded in half a few times and glued in place.  Then I cut about an inch down on the top, so it split the strip in half.  I glued that to the bottom of the flower.

I made enough for a bouquet and tied it with a pretty ribbon.  Now that the photo shoot is over, the cute little bouquet is sitting on Jillian’s dresser.

And there you have it.  A bouquet of glittery paper flowers.