Last weekend was Jake’s birthday.  I can’t believe he’s seven years old!  He was born at the end of 2000, which seems like forever ago, yet how can I have a seven year old?  It’s also gone by really fast.
About a week before his birthday he lost his two front teeth.  Perfect for a seven year old…and right before Christmas!  I had him pose for a birthday picture.  His gap looks a little scary up close!

A softer, sweeter Jake…

His party was low-key and consisted of a few classmates.  Here he is make a birthday sign for himself.


This was the first year that I didn’t make his birthday cake.  We’ve had several big holiday parties, so I just needed a break!  I brought home this transformer ice cream cake, which perfectly fit the bill!

A few random things to end the post with…I finally finished my holiday baking and we went off last night to deliver them to all our neighbors.  Here’s the finished stack of goodies.

And I’m working on a new brochure right now, so I thought I should update my picture.  I took this self-portrait yesterday in the mirror.  It’s hard to look natural without the camera showing up in the picture…I got lots of weird angles, but this one was somewhat normal!