I thought I’d post the images from our Christmas card this year.  I did a tri-fold 5×5" card, so there is a lot of space for pictures and text…I love it!
It was quite a process to get it all done.  I decided to take the 3 kids out to a trail by my house for pictures together and individuals.  My original idea was to have a couch out on the trail, but the logistics were just too difficult!
So, in one afternoon I took care of all the kids’ pictures…now for our family picture!  On a different day (so this the second time getting everyone out of the house looking decent) I had Brent come home from work early to meet us on the trail for a family picture.  I went to set the timer on my 5D and realized I’d never done it before, so I couldn’t figure it out!  We were running out of light, so I ran home to get my manual (note:stress level rising).  I got back with the manual and still couldn’t get it to work, so we just went home.
A few days later we decided to get everyone together on the way to school, so on the third try we were sitting out on the trail first thing in the morning in front of the camera.  I knew the kids wouldn’t be patient enough to give it a couple tries, so thankfully the timer worked and we got a good picture on the first try. 🙂






Next post I promise to show the many different Christmas cards I designed this year!