The other day, we were relaxing in our favorite little corner of paradise.

After getting fully engulfed into book number three of the week, I hear Brent’s voice far far above me.  “Is this one the biggest?”  WHAT!?  He had climbed up a 20 foot palm tree- mogli style- and was picking a coconut.

The next thing I knew he was banging it on the reef, telling me that Tony taught him how to do this years ago in Samoa.

After a few minutes of amusement, I started videoing with my phone so we could show the kids.  Then, more and more husks started piling at Brent feet and I realized there truly was a coconut inside. 🙂

We shared the coconut…drinking the milk and everything.  Then retreated back to our books to soak up the sunshine.  I love days that are so lazy the highlight is eating a coconut.  🙂

I’ll be sharing some of the pictures from my photo sessions when I get home tomorrow, but for now, I’m off to enjoy our last night here!