I keep a constant list of inspiration and as something strikes me, I’ll write it down so I don’t forget.  It’s always exciting to cross something off the list.  Getting to see the end result is pretty awesome too!

I finally got my sewing machine out and figured out how to construct these fabric kites…turned out pretty cute!  Draw out the outline of a kite on 2 pieces of fabric and sew them right sides together.  Then I left an opening for the dowels, which I cut slightly larger than each side, so they would fit in nice and snug.  After I inserted them through the opening, I hand-stitched it close.  I attached a grosgrain ribbon and bits of fabric tied every few inches.  I photoshopped this part out, but I also attached a piece of embroidery floss to the other end, which my assistant is holding on to.  Making it look like the kites are flying!

This was such a fun project…I’m so glad to have Jillian and her friend Lyndsay as models for my kite inspiration!

Makes me excited for Spring!