I’m a little behind the eight ball on this one, but you know what, sometimes that’s just what happens!  I wanted to share my kids’ valentines for school…we had fun making them and they turned out cute!

First I designed the image in photoshop using a 4×5 template.  Then I had them printed as 4×5 prints…you can do 4×6 and either make them taller or cut off the extra inch.  Once I got all my prints back, I had the kids fold them in the middle.

Then we used some plastic bags from Michael’s and filled them with assorted sweets.  I decided to cut the top part of my bags off since we weren’t filling them with a huge amount of candy.  There are so many sizes of bags to choose from.  I chose a bag that was 4″ wide so we could use it with a 4×5 or 4×6 print.

Lastly, we stapled the print on either side.  It was a snap to put together and the kids loved giving out their personalized valentines to friends and grandparents!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!