What better thing to do on a rainy Saturday morning than photograph a sweet little angel and her family!?   Baby Peyton is just a week old and simply adorable.  Before coming over I asked her mom to find things around their house to use as props for our session and she did not disappoint!  The first thing we did was use these ornate pink cushions as a backdrop.  Aren’t the colors gorgeous with her skin tones!?


Then I took out  a textured fur throw for some classic black and white photos:


These were shot in all natural light through the windows of their beautiful master suite.

Another super cute prop Jenni had was this basket with the chalkboard sign.  Peyton was wide awake for most of her session.  She wanted to know what was going on! 

But, once she got in her mommy’s arms, she just melted and was able to close her eyes and rest for a bit.  Soooooo cute!


This pose took a little work, but her daddy was so relaxed as Jenni and I positioned and repositioned to get just the right look!

Did I mention Peyton has a gorgeous big sister?  Skyler is such a great helper to her mom…how lucky she is to have two beautiful little girls!

Snuggling up with big sister…

I could go on and on posting pictures!  Thank you Peyton and family for letting me take your pictures.  I can’t wait to show you the rest!