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Scouting New Photo Shoot Locations in Huntington Beach// Child Photographer

This past weekend, I was scouting around Long Beach and Huntington Beach for some new locations for photo sessions.  We stumbled on this little spot in Huntington Beach and I love it.  It feels like the country to me.  Jillian’s dress and her mocs fit perfectly in the location.  The dress is from Blue Pony Vintage.  I got to meet the owner a few weeks ago when I was photographing her line of clothing.  She has such great style– I love photographing her clothes!

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//child photography in Huntington Beach


The Best Photo Spots in Long Beach // Child Photographer Los Angeles County



Pssst.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  I love scouting for photo shoot locations/the best spots in Long Beach.  I’ll be driving around pretty much anywhere in Los Angeles, see something awesome, and slam on the brakes (slash) quickly pull over to document the details.

This park in Long Beach (technically it’s Lakewood) has been a favorite for awhile.  And in the past, I’ve been a little secretive about my locations because I work really hard to find some of them.  But, honestly, I’m not the child photographer that keeps going back to the same spot over and over.  I get bored.  I like to switch things up!  So, while I’ll still hold some locations as ‘new’ for my clients (because I believe that’s part of why you hire me), I wanted to start sharing a few spots that I think would be fun for those of you that are looking for new photo shoot locations.

Monte Verde Park







To Sum it Up [Huntington Beach Photographer]

Were you part of the Hunger Games mania this weekend?  I read the books last year, but I’m nervous to see the movie.  I hate when movies ruin the wonderful experience of the book.  And it’s happened more than once.  So, I’m on the fence.  Those that have read the books and seen the movie…was it worth it?  Do you feel angsty about having seen it?  Did it do the characters justice?  Do you feel like maybe I shouldn’t be obsessing about a young adult book/movie when I am WELL into my 30’s?

Speaking of young adults…middle school.  I photographed a local middle school’s graduating 8th graders and don’t ever remember looking this cute.  Not in middle school, and maybe not ever!

Here’s a few other sessions I had this last week.  On sunnier days.  I told Brent today I was so tired of the gloomy weather and he asked me if I meant I was tired of the last 10 hours of gloomy weather.  Because yesterday was beautiful.  I just forgot.  And the week before.  Oh, Long Beach.  You spoil me.



Don’t give up!

When I was first starting out, I remember watching a photographer that I admired and it was shutter click after shutter click, hundreds of them.  For those of us that grew up with film cameras, it’s a transition from the feeling of being limited to the amount of film you have on hand.  Digital blows all that out of the water.  I know there are people who stick to their guns about really contemplating each shot, framing it perfectly and not going home with loads of junk images that never see the light of day.  But, people, I photograph children. And they do not wait for me to frame them perfectly and they also don’t care how many images I ‘waste.’  Sooo, I fire away.  I keep shooting the entire session.  Even when I feel like I’ve got the shot, I try to squeeze in just one more good one.  Sometimes, it’s when the camera leaves my face that the stars align and everyone relaxes into the perfect shot.  Let’s just say I have a quick trigger finger. 🙂

I also shoot during the get-to-know-you that happens at the beginning of a session.  I’ll be talking to the child, asking them questions, raising the camera to my face, then back to chatting and so on.  Once we get into a groove, the natural expressions just start rolling.  Sometimes, kids like to take a new smile ‘out for a test drive’.  They’re not really sure what I want from them, so they just start trying things out.  I’ll even show them the back of my camera…of course everyone loves to see themselves.  We just keep talking and interacting until BOOM that look, you know the one I’m talking about, it just happens and I know I’ve got the shot.  And that’s when I’m glad I didn’t give up.


Vote for ME! [OC Children’s Photographer]

I’m so excited to share a few places that I’m featured on the web!

First up is the “Just Spotted” blog.  I’ve been nominated for this photography blog!  The cool thing about this is that I’ve only been in business in the OC for 2 years.  The award will go to the blog with the most votes, so pretty please throw a vote my way!!

To vote, click HERE and once you’re on the Just Spotted website ( click on the link to vote!

Remember Cooper’s birthday party a few weeks ago?  Well, the party has been around the web!  It’s featured on Sara’s Party Perfect.

And a Spanish website called Alguma Bossa.  I’m not sure exactly what all the text says, but I think it’s good!!

Lastly, the website where I bought a lot of my party supplies at, Garnish, featured me on their blog!

Exciting news!  So, don’t forget to spread a little blog love around and most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME!

Have a great day!



Summer [By the Lake] Orange County Child Photography

Time for my next Summer installation…Summer [By the Lake]!  I’m super excited about this location.  It’s so beautiful and just ethereal.

Here are the details:  For the month of July I will be doing mini-sessions at this Long Beach location…20 minutes long and your choice of one digital image for $100.  Additional digital images and prints can be purchased a la carte.

I’ve also decided to extend the By the Bay sessions for the month of July because I wasn’t able to fit everyone in the month of June that wanted to participate.  AND, if you are interested in booking a wildflower session, book it right away because the wildflowers are on their way out!

The images work so well with a vintage feel, but also look great with punchy color!

I also found a little patch of wildflowers by the lake, so we can incorporate those as well!


Last few… [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

As I’m finishing up editing my last few sessions before Christmas, I thought I’d share a few images with you…

I’m off to decorate some Christmas cookies and squeeze my kids before I tuck them in bed. 🙂

Merry  Christmas!!



Christmas at Sweet & Saucy [Long Beach Photographer]

With just a few days until Christmas, I’m still playing catch-up on the blog.  Trying to share what I’ve been up to for the month of December.

A few weeks back, I went by Melody’s shop…Sweet & Saucy in Long Beach…to photograph her new Christmas decorations.

Doesn’t it feel like a winter wonderland!?

If you’re local, you have to go by and try these chocolate peppermint cupcakes.  Oh my goodness…they are beyond delicious!

Speaking of goodies…I’ve been doing some baking myself and have a few blog posts coming up on all the yummy things coming out of my kitchen!



December Babies [Long Beach Newborn Photographer]

This afternoon I delivered a print order for one of my previous maternity clients (click here to see their pictures) and got to meet their new baby, Manasi!  He was adorable and already had a full head of hair.  I’m looking forward to many more photo sessions with their family in the future.

Here’s another December newborn…

Sam was one of my Arkansas clients…he was the perfect little sleeper.  He even gave me a few smiles!

All these December babies are reminding me of 9 years ago, when my first baby Jake was born in December.  He was due right after Christmas but came just before, so we spent our first Christmas together as a family.  Such great memories…


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