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Making Lists // Baby Photographer Long Beach

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I’m a list-maker.  Well, I’m lots of things beyond a list-maker.  But making lists is something I do every day.  I have an understated gray moleskin notebook and I like to make lists with little boxes in quaint hand-writing that I can actually check off.  Yes, I know there’s an app for that.

There’s just something gratifying about making a list and checking off the tasks as I complete them.  Do you make lists?  How do you accomplish all that needs to happen in a day?  I bet you use the app.  Or maybe you just have it all tucked away in the back of your head.

Either way, summer is around the corner.  We are in our last few weeks of school.  And that means the lists will go down by at least half.  I won’t have to remember to buy granola bars for the track meet or that the science fair project is due Monday.  I will have to entertain three squirmy kids, but that’s another story. 🙂


Halloween Re-Cap

There’s something about dressing up that makes people happy.  It’s the idea of being someone else and sometimes that involves glitter make-up and fun props.  Ending the night with a sack of candy doesn’t hurt the mood either!

This year we went retro.  All 3 kids (two of which are in middle school) got into the fun and we couldn’t NOT dress up our dog as first year dog owners!  Jillian had her outfit planned months ago.  A quick trip to the downtown LA fabric district had me brushing the dust off my sewing machine.  The boys’ costumes were thrown together a little last minute.  With the help of my brother, my friend Laura and a trip to American Apparel for authentic striped tube socks, we were in business.

Oh and Pippa the dog?  She’s Jane Fonda circa 1984.  We wanted to play off her ‘permed hair.’  I made her lycra leotard, complete with tail hole.  And if you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out last year’s Halloween costumes.





Oh and my afternoon at Rascals to Rebels was just about as much fun as Christmas!  Here’s just a FEW favorite costumes that walked through the doors…









Taking the Time to Teach Your Kids Something New

I’m still picking thread off my clothes from the kimono-making party I had with my daughter Jillian and her friends yesterday.  I posted the kimono DIY here and it was as simple as sizing down the pattern by a few inches to make it kid-size.  Summer is definitely the time to teach kids something new, something COOL.  Without the pressure of homework and sports practices, we have more hours in the day to play and plan out purposed activities.

I’m over on Modern Parents Messy Kids today talking about Taking the Time to Teach Your Kids Something New.  And I gave lots of examples, so hopefully it’ll inspire you to get out there!  Have fun!  Learn something!  (PS.  We only have a few weeks left before school starts again!)

kimono DIY party


Moms Getting in the Picture // And What We Were Up to Last Week

Today I’m over on Modern Parents Messy Kids talking about moms getting into the picture.  This definitely isn’t a new topic, but it’s worth re-visiting.  I share a few tips that have helped me get out from behind the camera.  And trust me, as a photographer…that’s where I’m most comfortable!  But, I want to enjoy life with my family and have some photos to prove it!

Here’s the link to the Modern Parents Messy Kids post.  I hope you’ll check it out!

In other news…last week was eventful!!  We have a new family member.  Her name is Pippa.  This was the kids’ reaction when she came.  *camera blurrrrr*


The other night I got home from a photo session and Brent was leaving to hang out with friends.  The kids and I decided to go out for a burger and shakes!  We took a moment for a selfie with the CameraTimer app on my iPhone.


The other day we were at the dentist office and Cooper brought me a magazine and pointed out a recipe he thought we should try.  It’s not often that my 10 year makes recipe suggestions, so we made it last weekend.  It was delicious!  I tweaked the recipe a little and of course photographed it before we devoured it, so I’ll be sharing it soon on the blog.


On Sunday we were at the Galaxy game and they were kind enough to let the kids be in the high-five line before the game!


Brent and I waiting to see them down on the field.  Oh and I really like Brent in his glasses, so I made this my new FB profile pic.


Annnd I worked a lot too.  I’m shooting a catalog for Little Skye right now. (yay!)  My friend Laura took this behind the scenes shot for me.


I hope this week is off to a good start for everyone!  Happy Hump Day!


Last Week’s Adventures!

We started off this week with a full table and ended up with an even fuller table!  Monday night was a big pot of white bean chili with some family and friends…


Later in the week, I was working on a dip-dyed project for the blog.  So, my sink was filled with pink dye!  It turned out really cute, I can’t wait to share with you guys.


I did some location scouting last week and found this little gem.  If I like the iPhone capture, I know it’s going to be off-the-hook-awesome with my real camera!


Brent had Friday morning off, so we started off the morning at Starling (LOVE this Long Beach breakfast spot), and then looked for an outfit for him to wear Easter morning.  Of course I have no photos of what he actually wore, but he told me he liked this mannequin look, so I snapped it for future reference.  Mixed prints for the win!


Speaking of Brent, have you notice how many skating pictures we’ve been posting!?  Our friends put a ramp in their backyard and Brent has been teaching the boys to skate.  It’s been fun and I’m secretly hoping this new hobby doesn’t end with any broken bones!


Saturday.  I was a little stressed to start the day.  I had a LOT to do.  Then, my friend asked me to go to boot camp on the beach.  I decided the to-do list could wait and I got my work out on instead.  Everything got accomplished and my legs felt like jello the next day!


We open Easter baskets on Saturday, because Sundays tend to be crazy busy around here.  My kids still get excited and the contents are super simple!  Usually everyone gets shoes, a new Easter outfit, a bathing suit, a movie and a TINY bit of candy.  This year I could find the big sand buckets, so everything got scrunched inside the small ones.


Saturday also involved making cinnamon rolls for the morning and arranging flowers for the tables.  So, here’s my dough hanging out with all those flowers.



Brent had to leave at 7:30am on Sunday and doesn’t get home until almost 1:00, so I had to enlist these three helpers to get me set up for all 21 (!!!) of us for lunch.  They were awesome and did everything from set the table to making lemonade for our guests.  And they’re exceptionally cute!!

weekly-round-up 9

I ended the week with a full heart.  I love my family and friends and it means a lot when we can all celebrate our risen Savior together!  Oh and if you want to hear Brent’s message from Sunday, it’s on the church website-  click here.




Sharing Your Story [Happy Family Habits]

It’s no surprise that I love photos!  I’ve decided to dig out some old photos albums and share them with my kids.  We’ve had a blast telling stories and giving them a glimpse of who we were as kids.  Not much different from them!  Head over to Modern Parents Messy Kids and check out my post on Happy Family Habits…Sharing your Story.


Last Week’s Adventures in Long Beach and Beyond!

Oh Monday!  You snuck up on me again!  Here’s what we were up to this week…

My friend, Matthew, gardens like no one’s business.  He invited me over to see what was in bloom.  Apparently, everything.

Also, I went with a new friend on a location scouting adventure.  We were all the way outside San Juan Capistrano.  And I hope to take some of you there with me some day!  Are you guys up for a drive?  For a tree this awesome!?  I mean.  Seriously, though, let me know if this is too far for mini-sessions or if you guys are down for an adventure!?

Here’s a shot from the day, that’s not iphone.

Also, we updated my head shots.  (Again, how great is this location!?!)

On Thursday, our small group from church volunteered at Laundry Love.  You can read more about it here. (Laundry Love Norwalk)  It’s such a great program and we definitely want to volunteer again!

We also went with friends to the Galaxy game on Saturday night.  Brent is the chaplain for the team, so it’s been fun to get to know the staff (they’re awesome!) and start to get into soccer.  I had never been to a game before!

Yesterday I had some mini-sessions and my friend Laura came to help out/love on the client’s pets and document some behind the scenes action!  Oh and don’t mind that giant electrical tower.  Thankfully my clients trust me!!

Last but not least…Tuna Melts My Heart.  Our friend Alie, introduced us to her newest instagram obsession, Tuna.  The kids insisted I follow, so Tuna, we’re helping you make your way to 300K followers!


My thoughts on birth order [Long Beach/Los Angeles Family Photographer]

Did you know that every astronaut that has been into space was a first born?  Or that half the American presidents and Nobel Peace Prize winners are first born?  Those over-achievers!  I would love a statistic on artists and musicians that are middle children and babies.  Their free spirits make it easy for them to explore the world in a different way.

I recently wrote a post for Tiny Oranges about my thoughts on birth order.  I’m curious to know if you agree.  Do you parent your children differently?  And how do you try to build their strengths and challenge their weaknesses based on their birth order?


//Here’s a few ‘shares’ from my family photography in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County.



Resolutions [Long Beach Family Photography]

Are you ready for New Years?  I’ve already started stocking my fridge with tons of fruits and vegetables.  There are a few new recipes I want to introduce to the rotation too.  Outside personal health, I also want to focus more on what matters most and let the silly little things slide.  That’s definitely harder said than done.  But, thankfully new beginnings don’t have to happen in the calendar year, they can happen every morning.

(Now that things have slowed down I have the time to show you some sessions that happened over the past few months!)



Merry Christmas!

This year, we took our photos on Thanksgiving Day.  My sister in law, Jennifer, took this photo.  She did such a good job, right!?  I admit to being a little crazy about having a nice picture to send out.  I mean a photographer has to represent, right?  My kids are cute on their own, but getting everyone looking decent at the same time a little more challenging.  So, Jennifer walked with us down to the pier on Long Beach (I love under pier lighting!) and snapped away.  I didn’t even have to swap a head!  We all looked and smiled.  Extra piece of apple pie for everyone!

This was the actual photo that we chose for the card.  It was really hard to decide between this one and the top, but ultimately this one won out.  So nice when you have choices.  Thank you Jennifer!

Every time I have to be in front of the camera, I am reminded why I like to be behind it!  I don’t know what I look like.  I’m asking, where should this arm go?  Are the kids smiling?  Ahhhh!

On another note…what you guys making for Christmas dinner?   Here’s my plan…Barefoot Contessa’s Pan Fried Onion Dip.  I talk about it here and share the recipe.  It’s, I’m not kidding you, SOOO good.  I love to serve it in the afternoon when people are hungry and dinner won’t be ready for a few more hours.  This year, I got thick ridged fancy potato chips and I’ll cut up some broccoli, carrots and snap peas.

Prime Rib is where it’s at for the dinner hour.  I had the butcher season the roast with a rub, so all I have to do is throw it in the oven.  I’ll make a horseradish cream sauce.  Also from Barefoot Contessa.  Mashed Potatoes only make sesnse.  Jake, my 12 year old, can peel the whole bag for me now.  Put those kids to work! 🙂

I’m also making Sagaponack Corn Pudding.  It’ll be my first time making it, so I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Looking at the list of ingredients, I can’t go wrong!

Roasted vegetables (brussel sprouts and carrots) will make us feel a little less indulgent and we’ll finish the meal off with my mother in law’s famous apple pie and ice cream.

And after that we’ll go back to our healthy eating ways…yay for New Year’s resolutions!


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