If you can believe it, I’ve already delivered the prints from the Rascals to Rebels mini-sessions.  I’m in the middle of planning our next event!  Time flies.  I had many many people ask about the hand-made rose backdrop, so I thought I’d sell it if anyone is interested.

The backdrop measures 54″ by 58″.  I have it on a wood frame right now, but I’ll be taking it off the frame.  So, you’ll need to either make your own frame or hang it from a backdrop stand.  Either would work fine.

The price is $125 and I only have one, so it will go to whoever emails me (info@kristineldridge.com) first!  I should add that it’s very intricate…took me about a week to make.  All the canvas fabric is dip-dyed so the color is graduated and it’s all glued on piece by piece.

Here are a few recent pictures on the backdrop…and I’ll share more later.

And you can click here to see more pictures of the backdrop.