Photographing older toddler siblings and their new baby sister or brother can be a little tricky.  I always try to get them close on the bed or sofa.  If that doesn’t work, I use this stump (or any chair/bench) to get the baby all nice and comfy (and still!).  Then I add in the toddler.  We play games and point out the baby’s feature.  Sometimes a kiss will happen.  But, it allows the toddler to move around and not be required to hold or even touch the baby.  It still creates a feeling of intimacy even though there may be no physical touch.

Of course adding parents in always helps, but if you’re trying to get those adorable sibling shots, this is a little trick I use!

orange countynewborn photographer

orange countynewbornphotographer



Photos by Orange County Newborn Photographer, Kristin Eldridge.