Bacon.  Mmmmm.  Bacon.  I could pretty much end this post right here.  But, then you wouldn’t hear about the new bacon sandwiches I just made.  I found the recipe on Joy the Baker and as soon as I saw it, I ran to the market for ingredients.

Don’t be scared by the bacon that looks like it’s burnt.  It’s not burnt, it’s coffee flavored.  Here’s how it goes down…gather these fine ingredients:

Line your bacon with the fat side up and get ready for something amazing.  You’re smashing the coffee goodness into the bacon and letting it sit.  I put mine on this new product that I’m in love with.  Parchment on one side, foil on the other.  Genius.

It’ll look like this in your fridge.  And it won’t leak.

In the meantime, pick a lemon and zest it.  Then juice it and mix it up with some goat cheese and chopped dates.  Hello tangy sweet sandwich spread.

You are THIS close to eating your amazing creation.  Grab some bagged spinach and french bread while your bacon is cooking for 15 minutes in a 425 degree oven.  Assemble and enjoy.

For the official recipe, click here to go to Joy the Baker.