I have more chairs stuffed in 1300 square feet of space than any other person alive.  There’s the 10+ dining room chairs because I have a lot of friends and I like to have people over for dinner!  Then, there’s chairs stashed in each of the kids’ rooms…artfully disguised as pieces of decor.  I have several chairs in the studio, then there’s my secret stash of chairs hiding under the eave in the back.

I love seeing a toddler climb all over a chair.  The way little toes dangle just above the floor…the way they lend themselves to hide-and-seek games and nooks to snuggle into.

So, the chairs will always be rotating from Craiglist to my house, then back on Craiglist!

Let’s focus on the positives in this situation.  The constant rotation of vintage furniture in and out of my house takes me from being a hoarder and puts my into the eco-chic category. 🙂  I’m the recycling queen!