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Prism Boutique // Long Beach

It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted someone from the community, but this one will make up for it.  Prism Boutique has an expertly curated selection of bohemian-style clothing and jewelry in the heart of Belmont Heights.  We need about a million more businesses like this in Long Beach…people who are just amazing at their trade.  Dayna’s passion for her store is apparent in every little detail.  I photographed the store last week and was amazed at how many details I had missed the time before.



I met Dayna at Anthropolgie when I was photographing events at the store.  Years later, she left her job at the store to begin her own venture.  You imagine her starting with a blank canvas, but that wasn’t the case.  She had to work through layers of paint, plastic lattice and fake grass to get to the bare bones of the structure.  Once that was accomplished she and her husband worked to create everything from the cash wrap to the clothing racks.  I even ran into Dayna at Home Depot during her construction days.  Seeing her dream become a reality is awe-inspiring.

If you’re in Long Beach, head over to her store on 406 Termino Ave.  If you aren’t local, don’t fret…you can shop her goods online!













Back to School Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels // Long Beach Child Photographer

I’m so excited to be back at Rascals to Rebels for another round of mini-sessions!  This time it’s for back to school and what a better way to document the new school year than with some fresh photos?  I’ll be at the store September 7 (10am-noon) and 8 (noon-2pm).  A $50 purchase at the store gets you a free 15 minute photo session.  And if you can’t make it in to shop, you can buy a gift card over the phone to reserve your spot and shop later.


The backdrop is a classic dark wood backdrop with a few rustic props (if you want to use them).  The store has so many cute options right now for back to school…go check it out!












The Best Photo Spots in Long Beach // Child Photographer Los Angeles County



Pssst.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  I love scouting for photo shoot locations/the best spots in Long Beach.  I’ll be driving around pretty much anywhere in Los Angeles, see something awesome, and slam on the brakes (slash) quickly pull over to document the details.

This park in Long Beach (technically it’s Lakewood) has been a favorite for awhile.  And in the past, I’ve been a little secretive about my locations because I work really hard to find some of them.  But, honestly, I’m not the child photographer that keeps going back to the same spot over and over.  I get bored.  I like to switch things up!  So, while I’ll still hold some locations as ‘new’ for my clients (because I believe that’s part of why you hire me), I wanted to start sharing a few spots that I think would be fun for those of you that are looking for new photo shoot locations.

Monte Verde Park







Last Week’s Adventures!

We started off this week with a full table and ended up with an even fuller table!  Monday night was a big pot of white bean chili with some family and friends…


Later in the week, I was working on a dip-dyed project for the blog.  So, my sink was filled with pink dye!  It turned out really cute, I can’t wait to share with you guys.


I did some location scouting last week and found this little gem.  If I like the iPhone capture, I know it’s going to be off-the-hook-awesome with my real camera!


Brent had Friday morning off, so we started off the morning at Starling (LOVE this Long Beach breakfast spot), and then looked for an outfit for him to wear Easter morning.  Of course I have no photos of what he actually wore, but he told me he liked this mannequin look, so I snapped it for future reference.  Mixed prints for the win!


Speaking of Brent, have you notice how many skating pictures we’ve been posting!?  Our friends put a ramp in their backyard and Brent has been teaching the boys to skate.  It’s been fun and I’m secretly hoping this new hobby doesn’t end with any broken bones!


Saturday.  I was a little stressed to start the day.  I had a LOT to do.  Then, my friend asked me to go to boot camp on the beach.  I decided the to-do list could wait and I got my work out on instead.  Everything got accomplished and my legs felt like jello the next day!


We open Easter baskets on Saturday, because Sundays tend to be crazy busy around here.  My kids still get excited and the contents are super simple!  Usually everyone gets shoes, a new Easter outfit, a bathing suit, a movie and a TINY bit of candy.  This year I could find the big sand buckets, so everything got scrunched inside the small ones.


Saturday also involved making cinnamon rolls for the morning and arranging flowers for the tables.  So, here’s my dough hanging out with all those flowers.



Brent had to leave at 7:30am on Sunday and doesn’t get home until almost 1:00, so I had to enlist these three helpers to get me set up for all 21 (!!!) of us for lunch.  They were awesome and did everything from set the table to making lemonade for our guests.  And they’re exceptionally cute!!

weekly-round-up 9

I ended the week with a full heart.  I love my family and friends and it means a lot when we can all celebrate our risen Savior together!  Oh and if you want to hear Brent’s message from Sunday, it’s on the church website-  click here.




Rascals to Rebels Mini-Sessions [Orange County Child/Baby Photographer]

Hey y’all!  With Easter coming up this Sunday, I wanted to share the mini photo sessions that happened a few weeks ago at Rascals to Rebels.  If you haven’t been to this children’s boutique (in Rossmoor) yet, you need to go check it out!  They have a great selection of clothes and toys…plus their staff is some of the nicest people you’ll meet!

On to the photos!  Check out all these cuties…

Do you recognize these twins on the right below?  They play the baby Christine Angela Booth on the show, Bones.  They’re adorable!


Christmas Advent Activities for Kids

This is the first year I’ve tried an activity advent with the kids.  I think we did a chocolate one at some point during the toddler years,  and there’s this amazing interactive one on the computer by Jacquie Lawson that my mother-in-law buys the kids every year.  But, we decided to try something different this year.  There are no chocolates and no gifts in our advent.  It’s about family time and making memories together.  We are on day 17 and I’m so excited about the things we’ve been able to do and the last week we have before Christmas.

Some of the activities are very simple, like stringing popcorn or making a sweet treat.  Other have naturally happened and are a bit more exciting.  Like going to Disneyland for a Brad Paisley concert!  (Friends invited us, so I planned it into the advent.)  We’ve also done some service projects together, like working a food booth at church and making cards for shut-ins and shopping for gifts for others.  Along with the sock project I’ll tell you about soon.

The Christmas season is exciting.  And I want my kids to know it’s not just a count-down to opening presents.  It’s a time to really focus on others and remember what we are celebrating.  This amazing moment when God gave us the most important gift, Jesus.  Heaven coming to earth.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the month of December.  And, in light of the recent tragic events, I hope you are focused on family and the things in life that really matter.


Halloween Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels [Rossmoor Child/Baby Photographer]

Here are a few favorites from my recent photo shoot at Rascals to Rebels in Rossmoor for Halloween!


Long Beach Flea & Antique Market [Long Beach Photographer]

Guess what’s coming up the day after tomorrow?  I’ll give you a hint.  It only comes around once a month and it inspires me to wake up at the crack of dawn…the Long Beach Flea Market!  It happens to be just down the street from our church, so I like to wake up super early and get all my shopping done every 3rd Sunday when all those tents roll into town with their junky goods.

Laura, my friend from Ascot Friday, introduced me to this flea market.  After moving from the Bay area, I was lost.  I used to have my round of thrift stores that I’d hit once a week.  I ALWAYS found something good.  Consistency is key.  And when you’re a photographer, you NEED junk props like water.  I tried thrifting here in Long Beach, but I just couldn’t get into.  Plus I don’t have the time, as my business has taken off.  So, this once a month trip to the parking lot of the Veteran’s Stadium fills my house with a never-ending supply of old chairs, pottery and collectibles.  Yay for junk!

On my last trip, I added a little ‘arm swag’ to my collection.  There was a seller with piles and piles of bracelets from all over the world.  $5 later I was peacing out.  Oh and collections.  I’ve started a little collection of old cameras.  They are such fun props.  Here’s my newest addition…

All these photos are taken with my iphone, because bringing my big camera out would distract from the shopping!  I hope you can make it out to one of the best flea markets around.  Here’s the link to all the info:  Long Beach Antique Market (fancy website name, but it’s really just a flea market 🙂

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