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May 2014


Long Beach Family Photographer // Jacarandas

I wish I could show you my ten year school photo.  Let me re-phrase…you would die laughing if you saw me at ten.  Spoiler alert: the photo was heavy on the perm, the oversize glasses and the turtleneck.  When I look at my daughter who just turned ten, I’m blown away at her maturity.  The way she handles herself and moves through the world is much older than ten.  And I mean that in a good way.  Yes, she has her tween moments, but she has a lot of grace about her too.

For her ten year photos, I wanted to follow the jacarandas.  Every year I say I’m going to.  In Long Beach, May gives way to purple.  We drive under violet clouds and crush them with our feet with ever step on the sidewalk.  Long-time residents hate them and Brent even said he didn’t want to buy a house that lived under a jacaranda tree.  Their sticky sap can ruin carpets and paint jobs alike.

Jillian and I found a little cluster in Long Beach to do our photographs.  By mid-May, the branches were already starting to look a little bare.  But, now that we sit near the last day of may, I’m so glad that we made the time.  Their brief month of beauty is almost now forgotten.  Just like how nine years flew by.  And here come the double digits…

long beach family photographer









// Photographs taken in Long Beach by a Long Beach Family Photographer, Kristin Eldridge.


Orange County Newborn Photographer // Twins

orange county newborn photographer

Being an orange county newborn photographer, you get to photograph twins every once in awhile.  I always anticipate these sessions…bringing double of everything AND an assistant!  It’s so helpful have an extra set of hands to soothe babies, tuck in blankets, hold the pacifiers, etc.  But, all the effort is so worth it!


sleeping newborn

smiling newborn

Seeing newborn twins cuddle and hug shows you what a connect they already have.  It’s the sweetest thing ever!

newborn twins hugging

newborn twins kissing

sleeping newborn twins

// newborn photography session in Orange County


June Summer Mini-Sessions at the Beach // Orange County Child Photographer

There’s something true about this saying…If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.  I’m gonna live by this saying.  This June, I’ll be headed back to the Long Beach Peninsula for photo sessions in the bay.  It’s my fourth year doing June sessions at this location and I never get tired of it.  BUT, I’m also going to through something new into the mix.  I’ll also be heading to Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point.  It’s gorgeous!  Light sand and water that’s bluer than blue.  It feels like Hawaii!

And if that’s not enough, check out my new summer pricing.  There’s something for everyone.  If you want a photo session for one child, your pricing is going to be different than a family of five.  All prices include all your digital images.  It’s just for summer, so don’t miss out!  Click on the Details + Pricing tab on the left.  And scroll down to see all the photos from these amazing locations!

Salt Creek Beach:  June 28 4:00-4:30, 4:30-5:00, 5:00-5:30, 5:30-6:00 (scroll down to see the dates/time for the Long Beach Peninsula)

Click here for pricing on mini-sessions.  To book your session, click the email or call buttons on the left.  Or you can pay for the session via Square Up and write the time you’d like in the notes section!

orange county photo sessions at the beach

child photographer dana point

orange county child photographer

family photographer orange county

orange county mini sessions

orange county beach photo sessions

dana point family photographer

Long Beach Peninsula: June 14 9:00-9:30, 9:30-10:00, 10:00-10:30, 10:30-11:00

long beach baby photographer

los angeles beach photographer

long beach child photographer

summer mini sessions at the beach in california

family photographer long beach

girls on a wood pier at the beach


Bottle Art DIY

If you’re a fan of 10 minute projects like me, head over to Little Skye blog where I’m guest posting about Bottle Art today.  My brother brought home these coca-cola bottle from Oman.  I loved the Arabic writing and wanted to add them to my shelf.  I love how the color turns them into art!

bottle art diy


Making Lists // Baby Photographer Long Beach

baby photography orange county

I’m a list-maker.  Well, I’m lots of things beyond a list-maker.  But making lists is something I do every day.  I have an understated gray moleskin notebook and I like to make lists with little boxes in quaint hand-writing that I can actually check off.  Yes, I know there’s an app for that.

There’s just something gratifying about making a list and checking off the tasks as I complete them.  Do you make lists?  How do you accomplish all that needs to happen in a day?  I bet you use the app.  Or maybe you just have it all tucked away in the back of your head.

Either way, summer is around the corner.  We are in our last few weeks of school.  And that means the lists will go down by at least half.  I won’t have to remember to buy granola bars for the track meet or that the science fair project is due Monday.  I will have to entertain three squirmy kids, but that’s another story. 🙂


Trabuco Canyon Photo Session // Orange County Family Photographer

I’ve had blogging on my to-do list for what felt like a week.  When I sat down to write this I realized it had been a month since I posted anything new.  Oops.  Man, how time flies!  We just finished Spring Break and with all the 80 degree days we’ve been spending time at the beach, at the pool, barbequing.  I feel like we’re getting a jump-start on summer.  Not that I’m complaining!

This photo session was out in Trabuco Canyon.  It’s one of my new favorite spots.  I’ve mentioned my childhood in Montana, so it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to rustic.  But, then mix in some mustard flowers.  LOVE.

Also love this sweet little family and the new addition they’ll be welcoming in a few short months…

little girl sitting on a log

family photography los angeles

newport beach family photographer

long beach family photographer

best orange county family photographer

photo of a family hugging

family laughing with their little girl

mustard flowers photos

trabuco canyon family photographer

orange county child photographer

orange county family photographer