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January 2014


Investing // Newport Beach Family Photographer

I was thinking the other day about how important it is to believe in people and invest in them.  Years ago, someone believed in me and bought me a sewing machine.  At the time, I was making little girls dresses out of vintage linens and selling them online.  I was getting by on an old junker of a sewing machine when someone from church told me they loved what I was doing and wanted to gift me a sewing machine that would make my job much easier.

Fast forward a few years and I had saved enough money to quit sewing and buy a professional camera, lenses, a Mac and everything else I needed to start this photography business.  I feel like it was that initial investment that got my foot in the door.  I learned how to run a business through those initial years.

Look around you and encourage those hard-workers in your life.  Whether it’s an uplifting text, watching their kids for the afternoon or spending cash on them…believe in them.  I’m so thankful someone believed in me.

//family photography taken in Balboa Island, Newport Beach









Valentine’s Day Mini-Sessions // Orange County and Los Angeles

valentine's day mini sessions in orange county

I love LOVE.  It’s probably why I enjoy my job so much.  Getting to photograph families that love each other is the best!  So, this Valentine’s Day I wanted to make this easy for you.  You might just want a few snaps to get all crafty with your child’s Valentines, maybe you want to update photos of your children or you missed the boat on doing Christmas card photos, so this is an excuse to get the family together for a shoot.

Here’s how it’ll work…I’m offering limited spots on Feb 1 with 3 options.  To sign up, you can either email me at or call 562-980-6480.

Option One:

5 minute session, 5 digital images (via download link) $100

*perfect for one child or a family with one child

Option Two:

10 minute session, 15 digital images (via download link) $250

*perfect for up to 3 children or a family with one child

Option Three:

20 minute session, 25+ digital images (on a custom flash drive) $400

*perfect for any amount of children (cousins/friends) or families with multiple children

If you’ve worked with me before, you know I’m fast!  I like to make it fun for you and get you in and out with a handful of great images!  But remember, it is fast, so if you have a child that is very shy and needs time to warm up, please choose the 10 or 20 minute session.

The location!  In the morning I’ll be at a park in the LA area (about 15-20 min from Long Beach) and in the afternoon I’ll be at a park in Huntington Beach. (Specific directions will be emailed when you book.)

I will bring some fun Valentine props, which we can use if you want!

You’ll have the photos delivered by Feb 7 with a full week to work on projects/gifts before Valentine’s Day.  (Scroll down to see the available times.)

valentine's day mini-sessions in los angeles

mini sessions for valentines day

valentine's day mini sessions for babies

February 1

LA Location

9:00-9:05, 9:05-9:10, 9:10-9:15, 9:15-9:20

9:30-9:40, 9:40-9:50, 9:50-10:00

10:00-10:20, 10:20-10:40

HB Location

3:00-3:05, 3:05-3:10, 3:10-3:15, 3:15-3:20

3:30-3:40, 3:40-4:00



Summer in January! // Irvine Family Photographer

If you’re in Southern California right now, you’re experiencing summer with me.  Isn’t it crazy to be wearing sandals and sundresses?  In January!?!  I moved to LA in January of 1997.  I remember getting on the plane in Missoula, MT with the thermometer reading -7.  I got off the plane during a heat wave, like we’re having right now.  I met my would-be husband that day and I never looked back!  With summer weather year round and a cute guy by my side, I’m still here!

Here’s some more shares from the holiday sessions I did last year in Irvine!







Happy 2014!

I know I’m long overdue for a blog post.  My little sister will remind me.  Did you know it’s been a MONTH since you’ve blogged?  I love blogging, but there are times that I just have to let it go.  And for good reason.

Right after Christmas, I went to Guatemala with a few of my family members.  My brother (traveler extraordinaire) led us on a whirlwind trip around the country.  This photo was from New Years Eve.  Brent and I were celebrating on top of a volcano.  What!?


I posted lots more pictures over on Instagram.  But for now, here’s one of the many gorgeous families I photographed last fall.  Love these guys!  My favorite memory is about this shoot was the little boy had just made this necklace at school.  Instead of saying no to wearing it for the photos, his mom said yes…it would be a memory to this age he will never be again.  LOVE.