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November 2013


My Favorite Accessories for Holiday Photos // Long Beach Photographer

Have you done your family photo session yet this year?  If not, you need to take a look at my FAVORITE accessories!  Accessories are like the icing on the cake for a photo.  You don’t have to add every single one to your outfit, but 2 or 3 will perfect your overall ensemble.  I talk about my favorites and where to find them over on Tiny Oranges!

favorite accessories for christmas photos

Side note: I’m always behind on blogging family photos this time of year.  Partially because I’m so busy with photo shoots and partially because some families want the ‘big reveal’ to happen when they send out their card!  So, I’m going to reach into the archives and share some perfectly accessorized families from 2012!


favorites…shoes, ties, leggings, hair accessories, flower pin


favorites…statement necklace, belt, coordinating prints, colored jeans


favorites…statement necklace, hair accessories, colored jeans outfits-4

favorites…love the neutral look on both of these with careful thought to detail, tulle skirts, scarves, fun shoes and shoe laces!, hair accessories



Halloween Re-Cap

There’s something about dressing up that makes people happy.  It’s the idea of being someone else and sometimes that involves glitter make-up and fun props.  Ending the night with a sack of candy doesn’t hurt the mood either!

This year we went retro.  All 3 kids (two of which are in middle school) got into the fun and we couldn’t NOT dress up our dog as first year dog owners!  Jillian had her outfit planned months ago.  A quick trip to the downtown LA fabric district had me brushing the dust off my sewing machine.  The boys’ costumes were thrown together a little last minute.  With the help of my brother, my friend Laura and a trip to American Apparel for authentic striped tube socks, we were in business.

Oh and Pippa the dog?  She’s Jane Fonda circa 1984.  We wanted to play off her ‘permed hair.’  I made her lycra leotard, complete with tail hole.  And if you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out last year’s Halloween costumes.





Oh and my afternoon at Rascals to Rebels was just about as much fun as Christmas!  Here’s just a FEW favorite costumes that walked through the doors…