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August 2013


Easy DIY Back to School Project // How to Make a Tassel

I’ve been adding tassels to everything these days.  My daughter has to wear a uniform to school, so we are always brainstorming ways to keep her outfits unique.  It’s so easy to make a tassel with a simple package of embroidery floss, so we’ve been adding them to sweatshirts, pencil pouches and everything in between!

I just wrote an easy tassel DIY over on Little Skye kids, so if your looking for a 5 minute project go check it out!




Underwater Photography Sneak Peek

This weekend Kyle and I did the underwater photo sessions and as much as I loved the last time, this year was twice as amazing!  We had so much fun with the kids and I think the parents thoroughly enjoyed watching us!

I’ll do a full blog post later, but for now, here’s a few sneak peeks:

underwater photography children

underwater photography

underwater photography

underwater photography child


Back to School Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels // Long Beach Child Photographer

I’m so excited to be back at Rascals to Rebels for another round of mini-sessions!  This time it’s for back to school and what a better way to document the new school year than with some fresh photos?  I’ll be at the store September 7 (10am-noon) and 8 (noon-2pm).  A $50 purchase at the store gets you a free 15 minute photo session.  And if you can’t make it in to shop, you can buy a gift card over the phone to reserve your spot and shop later.


The backdrop is a classic dark wood backdrop with a few rustic props (if you want to use them).  The store has so many cute options right now for back to school…go check it out!












Tips for Beach Photography

Doing photo shoots at the beach is tricky business (which is why one might need a few tips for beach photography).  To be honest, when a client books, I tell them unless you LOVE the beach, don’t do your photo session there.  It’s sandy and windy and not a static location.  Meaning, if you like perfect hair, it won’t happen here.  BUT, if your kids love the sand and the water and you feel at home hearing the crashing waves, this is your place.

So, how does a photographer make the beach work for them instead of struggling against it?  Well, this list is by no means exhaustive, just a few helpful things I’ve learned in the five years that I’ve lived next to the beach and done countless photo sessions there.

1.  Find a beach that has more than sand and water.  If it’s possible, look for a pier and maybe even some grassy areas or a cove.  One of my favorite beaches has an old wood pier and I never get tired of its rustic beauty.  PLUS shooting under the pier is the best light you’ll find.

tips for beach photography

2.  Bring some shells.  I wish I could say that you can actually find shells on Southern California beaches, but I think you’re more likely to find a candy bar wrapper.  I bring a bag full of shells and hide them before the family arrives.  It helps create those natural moments where kids are just exploring.

tips for beach photography

tips for beach photography

3.  Use the horizon.  The beach is about more than just the water.  When the sky is impossibly blue, incorporate it!  For these photos, I found a little dune and laid down on the ground so when I’m shooting up it makes the jumps look even higher.

tips for beach photography

tips for beach photography

4.  Timing is everything.  Not only the time of the photo session (I like 9am and about 2 hours before sunset), but the time you let the kids near the water.  Don’t let an outfit be ruined by a rogue wave.  I’ve made that mistake before and if they don’t have a back-up outfit, the session is over.  No one likes to be sandy and wet for long.  So, at the end of the session, we make our way down to the water and play in the waves.  If someone gets wet, it’s okay!

tips for beach photography

5.  Close-ups are important!  I think every mom wants to see a close-up of their child’s face and for these shots, I find indirect light.  Sometimes it’s under the pier or for these ones I used a close-by grassy area.  While sun flare is awesome in wide angle shots, for close-ups I want to see the color of their eyes and every detail on their face.  So, I make sure to get at least one close-up out of the direct sun.

tips for beach photography

tips for beach photography

Another great idea is to shoot at the bay instead of the beach.  In Long Beach we have so many and I love the lack of wind and waves for little ones.  It’s such a serene location.  Click here to see more photos session and the bay in Long Beach.


Rosemary Citrus Spritzer

I think spritzer is just a fancy word for soda.  It is reminiscent of summer.  Sitting on a porch or in a backyard with a cool drink in hand is how summers should be spent.  I found this recipe while looking for something to serve friends at a dinner party.  It then morphed into a treat that I make for the kids on lazy summer days.  I don’t buy juice or sodas for the kids, so it’s definitely a treat at our house!


The original recipe from The Kitchn calls for oranges and lemons along with sugar and honey.  So feel free to switch up the ingredients to your tastes.  I think the oranges make it sweeter, so I was able to cut back on the sweeteners and just use honey.


Start with the juice of four oranges and stir in 1/2 cup honey.  Throw in four sprigs of rosemary.  You can either boil this mixture for one minute or microwave it if you’re in a hurry, like I generally tend to be.  Let the mixture cool and strain it into another vessel.  It will be a concentrated herbal scented juice, which is diluted by the club soda.

Pour 2-3 tablespoons of concentrate into each glass and top with soda water.  If you’re feeling fancy, you can top it with a rosemary sprig and a paper straw.  My kids like to be able to mix the glass themselves, watching the color crawl it’s way up to the top of the glass.

If you want to try another soda alternative, check out my watermelon cooler!


The Perfect Photo Shoot // Long Beach Baby Photographer

This is one of those perfect photo shoots that starts out at home all cozy in your own bed and ends up with a walk down to the beach.  I’m lucky to have clients that turn into friends and Katie is definitely one of those people.  If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen this cutie-pie modeling for me from time to time.  And we’ve even managed to squeeze in an yogurtland play date this summer.  But, it all started with this adorable 6 month photo session.   Like you, I fell in love with those dark eyes and kewpie curls.  What an adorable little family!











Underwater Photo Session Update

For those of you that are interested…I ended up moving the date from August 1 to August 24th.  I have a few spots left, so if you’re still interested, send me an email!  It’s a great deal with a session fee of $150 and the CD of all the images (minimum of 30) for $350.




Taking the Time to Teach Your Kids Something New

I’m still picking thread off my clothes from the kimono-making party I had with my daughter Jillian and her friends yesterday.  I posted the kimono DIY here and it was as simple as sizing down the pattern by a few inches to make it kid-size.  Summer is definitely the time to teach kids something new, something COOL.  Without the pressure of homework and sports practices, we have more hours in the day to play and plan out purposed activities.

I’m over on Modern Parents Messy Kids today talking about Taking the Time to Teach Your Kids Something New.  And I gave lots of examples, so hopefully it’ll inspire you to get out there!  Have fun!  Learn something!  (PS.  We only have a few weeks left before school starts again!)

kimono DIY party