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July 2013


Kimono DIY

I’ve been seeing kimonos everywhere, so I decided to try a Kimono DIY!  Turns out it’s pretty simple.  Just 5-8 seams…depending on if you want to leave any of the edges raw.

The best kimono I own was purchased at Prism Boutique in Long Beach.  Dayna’s got an amazing selection of kimonos and the one I bought has the softest fabric and prettiest pattern.  I tried to find similar fabric downtown LA and got similar but not exact.  So, if you don’t sew or just want to treat yourself, you should check out her store!

Okay, on to the DIY step by step instructions!  First start with a piece of fabric that is approximately 50×50″.  If you aren’t exactly there, it’s okay…kimonos are so loose, so a few extra inches plus or minus won’t affect the overall look.  For this particular kimono, I used a gauzy cotton (and mine was only 48″ wide).  Then fold the sides together (selvage end to selvage end)


Cut the fabric in half lengthwise and the fold it in half.


Pin the right sides together half way down and sew them together.


I like to finish it with a french seam (which just means folding the edges in on each other so they don’t fray).  Then I cut a small slit where the seam stops half way down.


Pin and hem both of the open sides.


Fold your fabric in half (right sides together) with the seam in the middle.  The french seam will be running down the middle of your back when you wear it.  Now you need to sew arm holes, so pin 8 1/2″ down to the bottom (leaving an 8 1/2″ opening at the top for your arm) and sew right sides together.  You can finish with a french seam here.


I decided to leave my arm holes raw since the selvage won’t fray, but you can sew a seam here if you want.


You can also leave the hem around the bottom raw or finish with a trim.  I added a lace trim to mine.  Easy Peasy!


You can experiment with different fabrics and lengths of fabric for different fits.  Here’s a few other kimonos that I recently made!






At Home Family Photographer // Los Angeles

She found me through the post on Modern Parents Messy Kids.  The one where I talked about how important it is to get in photos with your kids.  Coming on the heels of attending an unexpected funeral, she immediately called me.

We hit it off right away over the phone and by the time I arrived to her Los Angeles home to start the photo session, we were like old friends.  I wanted to start on their bed…just to let the kids get comfy and realize I was there to have fun.  It was click, click, YES.  This one.  This one is now a huge canvas in their home.  And doesn’t it just capture the life they’re living right at this moment?  LOVE.

los angeles family photographer

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los angeles child photography

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After capturing so many sweet moments with their kids, we moved the party outside for some more formal posed photos and like every good couple should, a photo without the kids.  Remembering where it all started.

family photographer los angeles

los angeles family photography


Baby Sophia // Orange County Baby Photographer

Crawling babies have all the moves.  It’s as if everything they do was meant as a pose for the camera.  There’s never enough rolls on chubby arms and legs, either!  Sophia had her newborn session with me, her 4 month session and now her 7 month session.  It’s been so much fun to see her grow and I can’t wait for her next session, when she’ll be walking around!  Here’s a look back…


//newborn photo session at home in Orange County


//4 month photo session at my studio in Long Beach








//9 month photo session at a park in Long Beach


Underwater Summer Mini-Sessions// Long Beach Child Photographer

Alright, friends!  It’s back!  I’m teaming up with my cousin Kyle MacLennan to bring you underwater summer sessions.  Kyle is a surf photographer.  He’s super talented and has all the underwater housing to take amazing images below the water.  I get all crazy and (get into the pool with my camera-what!?) capture all the action above the water.

Want to see some samples from the last few sessions?  Click here to see more underwater photo sessions!

Here’s the details…we’ll be shooting on August 1 throughout the day.  Each session will be 30 minutes long and we’ll take a 20 minute break in between sessions.  Last time the sensor overheated in Kyle’s housing because we didn’t take a break and it was no bueno.  The pricing will be a little bit different this time.  It’s $150 for your 30 minute session and $350 for all your high-res digital images (which will be at least 30).

The pool will be heated and if your children are swimmers, you don’t need to get in with them.  If they are not swimmers,  you will need to get in the pool.  For non-swimmers, we take photos in the shallow end.  You can be in the photos with them, but you don’t have to.

If you are pregnant, this would make an AMAZING maternity photo session.  Just a thought!














Palos Verdes Family Photographer// South Bay Botanical Gardens

Last year I photographed this family in Santa Monica, surrounded by loads of color on grafitti walls.  If you missed the post, I wrote about it when I talked about how to choose a photo shoot location.  We were both inspired by the color and decided to take it a different route this year.  They chose bold punchy colors, which was highlighted with gorgeous light and tons of greenery.

If you’re around Palos Verdes and looking to take some family photos, definitely check out the South Bay Botanical Gardens.  The gardens are gorgeous 365 days a year!

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer

palos verdes family photographer