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March 2013


Pasta al Pomodoro

Can we talk about carbs for a sec?  They’re best homemade.  I can pass by pretty much anything that comes from a grocery store, but if you bring me your freshly baked cookies, pie or bread?  Done.  I can gain 5 pounds on that stuff.

Homemade pasta is no exception.  It’s a simple combination of flour, eggs and water, but once kneaded and thrown into a bath of boiling water, it’s carb-a-licous!  Homemade pasta sings on it’s own, so a simple sauce is all it needs.  In this case it’s tomatoes, basil and garlic.  Scroll all the way down to see the recipe.










Pasta: (Makes 6 servings)

2 cups flour

2 eggs

You can click here to see photos of making pasta.  It involves a big heap of flour with a well in the middle.  Put your eggs and a few tablespoons of water in the well.  Use a fork to toss and toss until the dough gets to the point that you can knead it.  It will be a dry dough, so use your muscles!

If you have a pasta roller, push the dough into flat ovals that you can push through the roller.  You’ll want to run the machine at thinner settings until you get the consistency you like.  I ran it through a level 5 then once again through the cutter to make the spaghetti.

*On a side note, I LOVE my kitchen aid attachment.  It’s so easy to use and pretty much fool proof!


4-5 ripe tomatoes

3-4 basil leaves

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1/4 cup olive oil

This is a rough estimate for the sauce.  Make adjustments according to your tastes.  The key is to let it sit for at least an hour for the flavors to meld and add salt and pepper to taste.



Wildflower Mini-Sessions [Orange County Child Photographer]

More spring mini-sessions coming up!  The wildflowers are starting pop up here and there, so by mid-April they’ll be perfect for photo sessions.  I’m going to wait until the week before to pick the exact location (to see which of my favorites has the best flower growth), but it will be in Long Beach, Seal Beach or Huntington Beach.

Here’s the details:  $100 for a 20 minute session  The first 2 to sign up for April 20 and the first 2 to sign up for April 21 will get a free digital image with their purchase. [ or 562.980.6480]

April 20 5:40-6:00, 6:00-6:20, 6:20-6:40, 6:40-7:00

April 21st 5:40-6:00, 6:00-6:20, 6:20-6:40, 6:40-7:00

As you can see, the times are in the evening, because there’s just nothing better than sunset lighting in a field of long grass and wildflowers!  This could be a great Mother’s Day gift or think ahead for Father’s Day!










Sharing Your Story [Happy Family Habits]

It’s no surprise that I love photos!  I’ve decided to dig out some old photos albums and share them with my kids.  We’ve had a blast telling stories and giving them a glimpse of who we were as kids.  Not much different from them!  Head over to Modern Parents Messy Kids and check out my post on Happy Family Habits…Sharing your Story.


Rascals to Rebels Mini-Sessions [Orange County Child/Baby Photographer]

Hey y’all!  With Easter coming up this Sunday, I wanted to share the mini photo sessions that happened a few weeks ago at Rascals to Rebels.  If you haven’t been to this children’s boutique (in Rossmoor) yet, you need to go check it out!  They have a great selection of clothes and toys…plus their staff is some of the nicest people you’ll meet!

On to the photos!  Check out all these cuties…

Do you recognize these twins on the right below?  They play the baby Christine Angela Booth on the show, Bones.  They’re adorable!


Knitted Newborn Hats [Orange County Baby Photographer]

This morning I wanted to share an Etsy page with you!  My mother-in-law has been making knitted cocoons for me for a few years now and I recently got her started on hats!  The hats are really reasonably priced and I love that they are not only great for a newborn prop, but cute enough and practical enough for your baby to wear around every day.

Here’s the link to her Etsy shop and here are a few of my favorite hats!  (She still has the cocoons listed as well.)


Laguna Beach Photo Session [Orange County Child Photographer]

These photos are from one my very favorite sessions.  The photo shoot took place in Laguna Beach.  There were just so many things to do and see here.  I love being able to explore Orange County!




Last Week’s Adventures in Long Beach and Beyond!

Oh Monday!  You snuck up on me again!  Here’s what we were up to this week…

My friend, Matthew, gardens like no one’s business.  He invited me over to see what was in bloom.  Apparently, everything.

Also, I went with a new friend on a location scouting adventure.  We were all the way outside San Juan Capistrano.  And I hope to take some of you there with me some day!  Are you guys up for a drive?  For a tree this awesome!?  I mean.  Seriously, though, let me know if this is too far for mini-sessions or if you guys are down for an adventure!?

Here’s a shot from the day, that’s not iphone.

Also, we updated my head shots.  (Again, how great is this location!?!)

On Thursday, our small group from church volunteered at Laundry Love.  You can read more about it here. (Laundry Love Norwalk)  It’s such a great program and we definitely want to volunteer again!

We also went with friends to the Galaxy game on Saturday night.  Brent is the chaplain for the team, so it’s been fun to get to know the staff (they’re awesome!) and start to get into soccer.  I had never been to a game before!

Yesterday I had some mini-sessions and my friend Laura came to help out/love on the client’s pets and document some behind the scenes action!  Oh and don’t mind that giant electrical tower.  Thankfully my clients trust me!!

Last but not least…Tuna Melts My Heart.  Our friend Alie, introduced us to her newest instagram obsession, Tuna.  The kids insisted I follow, so Tuna, we’re helping you make your way to 300K followers!


Tropical Green Smoothie [In the Kitchen]

I try not to let Google Analytics determine my happiness.  But, it’s that page that tells me how many of you are listening.  Blogging can be a little lonely sometimes.  As in, tap tap, is this thing on?  One of my more popular posts was my Green Smoothie with Peanut Butter and Banana.  Thanks to a site called Oatmeal in My Bowl that featured 30 days of green smoothies, they’re my number one contributor of hits.  So, ALOT of you care about green smoothies!  As in thousands!

Where does that lead me?  A summer version.  A Tropical Green Smoothie!!  This recipe is just as good as the original, but has a much more summery taste.  Just try it, already!

The key to a good green smoothie is frozen bananas.  I like to prepare a few bananas ahead of time and then have them ready.  But, if I run out, I’ll slice a banana very thin on a plate and freeze it for 15-20 minutes.

I make this smoothie for the whole family, so this recipe will give you 3 large portions or about 5 medium size portions.  I add the banana at the bottom of the blender, top with another regular (unfrozen banana) add a sliced mango, a can of light coconut milk and a big handful or two of fresh spinach.  If you like your smoothies very cold, add a cup of crushed ice.  Blend until the spinach is thoroughly pulsed.

//photography by Kristin Eldridge in Long Beach


Little Friday [Los Angeles Family Photographer]

It’s Thursday, y’all.  Which, I’ve been told is now called Little Friday.  This is a thing.  People are anticipating the weekend and the party starts on Thursday.  So, que up The Office and Friday here we come!!


//recent family photography in Los Angeles, CA


How to make a zippered pillow [DIY photography]

Awhile ago, I instagramming about how I was whizzing through zippered pillows at home.  Making them right and left and then humble-bragging about how EASY it was!  Then, like a meanie, I made you wait.  But, the tutorial is finally here!  I shared it today over on Little Skye Kids, so I hope you’ll check it out.  It’s just a few steps and I pinky-swear you can make a zippered pillow in about 15 minutes.  And you don’t have to have any special equipment, just a regular old sewing machine!

Click here to check it out!

//photography by Kristin Eldridge in Long Beach


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