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February 2013


Sister Photo Shoot [Orange County Family Photographer]

Sisters make the best of friends! I’ve been photographing these two for four years now and each shoot is better than the last.  I love how their personalities tend to fall into the traditional categories of sibling order.  First is a little bit cautious, maybe shy.  Second is the wild child, with silly as her middle name.  They play off each other and draw out the best in one another!  Sisters are the best!


Media Unit// Allyson’s Living Room

I’ve been feeling the itch to do something different with our TV.  As much as I hate incorporating the TV into the living room decor, it actually is a big part of what we do in that room.  Whether it’s watching movies after the kids go to bed, playing games on the wii or hosting a Monday Night Football party…it’s a part of our life.

So, right now the TV sits on a media console.  I love the console itself, but there’s not much room up there for anything except the TV.  I pinned a few ideas for wall units that might work around the TV, but I was also remembered some photos I took of my friend, Allyson‘s house last summer.  She’s a crafty girl…so of course her and her husband put this together themselves.  She also made some wallpaper while she was at it.  Did you read this post?

I love the way she layers things…nothing looks too cluttery, which is my biggest pet peeve.

Thanks for letting me share your house Allyson!  I’m inspired to put together something that will work my TV and hopefully be a bit stylish in the process!


Spring Mini-Sessions at Rascals to Rebels [Rossmoor Child Photographer]

Every year I look forward to the spring mini-sessions at Rascals to Rebels.  It’s a parade of sweet dresses, gingham and bow ties.  It’s so much cute that my cheeks get tired from smiling so much!  This year, I decided upon a variation of the moss wall that I’ve made in the past.  It’s a lot of greenery with sticks and little sprouts of leaves mixed in, to give it a bit of a whimsical feel.  I’m also bringing along this antique green velvet chair for those that want to use it.  Don’t forget to go by the store to sign up….these spots go quickly!


Blueberry Scones [In the Kitchen]

Last night I was sitting on the couch telling Brent about how Valentine’s Day isn’t for married people.  I went on for a bit until he’s all…you say that every year.  I do!?  Apparently I subconsciously feel strongly about Valentine’s Day.  Then he went out and bought Jillian and I each a bouquet of flowers today.  Over-achiever.  I baked some blueberry scones that count for Teacher Appreciation Week, Valentine’s Day annnd after school snacks.  I multi-tasked that business.


Scones are a delightful combination of flour, sugar and lots of butter.  The fresh fruit makes you feel like you’re eating something healthy, so just don’t even look at all that butter.  Oh and that crazy picture above?  Free lensing.  It’s my new favorite thing.  You take the lens off your camera body and then tilt it this way and that to get different looks.  It’s like a make-shift tilt-shift.

Smitten Kitchen Berry Scones

Makes 12

2 3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
6 ounces of butter, in 1/2-inch cubes
1 cup blueberries
3/4 to 1 cup buttermilk (use the smaller amount if using fresh fruit, the larger if using the raisin-caraway combo)

Turbinado or sanding sugar for sprinkling (optional)

Preheat oven to 375°.

Place cubed butter in freezer for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, measure other ingredients (except buttermilk and fruit) and mix in the bowl of a food processor.

Add butter to processor bowl and mix until the butter and flour mixture are the texture of coarse cornmeal. Transfer the mixture to the bowl of a mixer and add buttermilk and fruit, mixing on the lowest speed until the dough just comes together.

Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently a couple times. Roll dough out to approximately one-inch thickness (I skipped the rolling pin and just patted it out with floured hands) and cut into squares. Cut those squares again on the diagonal, creating triangles. Sprinkle with coarse sugar, if you’re using it.

Bake on an ungreased baking sheet (mine stuck ever-so-slightly, so I might line it with parchment next time, though no biggie if you don’t) for 25 to 30 minutes, until lightly browned.




Laguna Mini-Sessions [Orange County Family Photographer]

This year I want to bring you more of my favorite spots.  Even if it’s a little hard to get to or a little bit further than I’m used to going…I want to spend time on the things I love.  This beach in Laguna is a recent favorite and I’m going to be offering extended mini-sessions on Saturday, February 23rd.  Here are the details:  $150 for a 40 minute session and you get a free digital image with your purchase.  There is a bit of walking over rocky coral, so I wanted to allow some extra time.  But, this is such a special place…you won’t be disappointed.  A few of my favorite highlights are a succulent trail on the way to the beach, tide pools and a mysterious old castle!  **These sessions can be just the kids or the whole family.

Available times are:  3:30-4:10      4:10-4:50        4:50-5:30

Call me 562-980-6480 or email to reserve your spot.



Working on the web [Los Angeles Child Photographer]

The internet is a big place.  It’s big and it’s full of very talented people.  Sometimes one can get lost admiring all that talent.  Every once in awhile it’s good to just take a tiny internet break and focus on what’s right in front of us.  And try not to feel so tiny in this big ocean of talent.

Hopefully this doesn’t read as a pity-party, because it’s not.  Just a gentle reminder to myself and anyone else who feels just a bit intimidated every once in awhile.  I’m so blessed to get to work with awesome people…and hopefully I’m doing my part to contribute beautiful things to the big ol’ internet!

//child and family photography taken in Los Angeles County parks


In Season: Grapefruit Facial Mask

We’ve eaten our weight in grapefruit after visiting my grandma a few weeks ago.  Her backyard grapefruit trees are overflowing with fresh fruit.  Southern California spoils us with seasonal fruit and each season seems to be better than the last.  I decided to whip up a facial mask with some of our extra citrus.

Here’s what’s going on in this mask…anti-oxidants from the grapefruit fight free-radicals, which cause fine lines and wrinkles.  Who wants those!?  The citrus also works with the egg white to even color and tighten the skin.  Oatmeal softens skin and gently scrubs away dead skin cells.  It’s also anti-inflammatory.  Honey is added because it’s anti-bacterial, which means it fights acne!

Here’s my recipe…juice from 1/2 a grapefruit, 1 Tablespoon raw honey, 1 egg white and 1/2 cup oatmeal.  If you have a mini-food processor, puree the mixture.  If not, just stir it together…it will be lumpier this way.  Leave it on your face for about 15 minutes, then wash it off.  As with anything you put on your skin, if you are sensitive, test a smaller patch of skin before putting it on your face.


Valentine Marshmallows [In the Kitchen]

Halloween and Valentine’s Day are just a clever excuse to eat more sugar!  But, that’s okay with me and my sweet tooth.  I put a little spin on homemade marshmallows, by rolling them in colored sugar.  Valentine peeps!  To see all the specifics on how to make these, head over to the Little Skye Blog, where I’m guest posting today!

By the way, these marshmallows are a great treat to use with my free valentine templates!  Head over to my facebook fan page to download the template.


Play Dates are Back! [Orange County and Los Angeles Child Photographer

PLAY DATES are back! Here’s how it works: invite 3-4 friends to meet at the park with their kids. I show up with my camera and capture priceless moments of each of the children. No posing, no ‘cheeeese,’ just kids being kids. Each family will be presented with an online gallery of images of their child/children from our time at the park. The approach will be photojournalistic…truly showing who they are at this stage of life. This isn’t a time to get all gussied up and take them kicking and screaming to a ‘photo shoot.’ This is a time to play with friends and be a kid!

**If you prefer to be inside, I will happily come to a home instead of a park.  Also, I love to incorporate the play structures into the photos, but we can keep it simply green if you like that better.

The details:

You choose the park that your children love to go to…I will stay for approximately one hour photographing the children.
This is for weekdays only…during the day or after school for children that are school aged.

Your friends each pay $25 for the session. Your session is free.

Your will receive access to special digital packages if orders are placed within a week of proofing. Please email me to receive all the specific details.

Offer is valid until March 11. Email or call 562-980-6480 to reserve a date.